200 MPG Car

College Tech Analyst Builds 200 MPG Car in His Free Time

8 thoughts on “College Tech Analyst Builds 200 MPG Car in His Free Time

  1. Jerry, I’m in Upstate NY and I built one, it’s complete and road worthy, I’d like to post photos took yesterday.
    email me and I’ll send them.

  2. I wonder what I could do to my 2000 1.9 Seat Ibiza SDi?
    It’s consistently doing 60MPG now with me driving at 50MPH, and that’s just commuting to and from work ten miles each way.

    1. Hi Rob,
      A couple of things that may help you crack your 60 mpg if you’re not already doing them!

      1) If your car does not provide real-time and average mpg, and has an OBD-II plug, consider getting a scangauge ( Easy to plug-in and it can help teach you how to drive to obtain a better mpg.

      2) is full of folks who have found so many ways to increase mpg’s. You’ll find some useful information there and the ecomodders that were able to attend the 2014 Toyota Green Grand Prix scored exceptionally high with their modifications so they really do work!

      Keep us posted with your already excellent mpg endeavor!

  3. Very cool. I’d like to know more about producing one of these or something similar. Great job.

    1. Thanks Michael. There is a ton of info on the net about this (and similar) build. As a starting point, ecomodder website shows what is being done around the planet with street driven vehicles. I met a few of these folks at the 2014 Toyota Green Grand Prix and abroad – they are very inspiring!
      Good luck and happy motoring!

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