Alfred State Zero Energy Home

Syracuse University, SUNY Students Design Home with $2/mo Utility Bill

4 thoughts on “Syracuse University, SUNY Students Design Home with $2/mo Utility Bill

  1. Great job. Really nice design of cost-effective and energy ready made home developed by team and also nicely composed post that covering each and every highlights on home designing.

  2. would love to know if the schematics for engineering for the solar array and energy system will become available. Gosh, so many middle income people would be able to benefit.

  3. Awesome work, might want to look into using a 3D printer for greater savings on construction cost. It might free up money to find bigger savings. You professors should be submitting this to Habitat to humanity and look into recovering your cost with local builders first but, get a business developed out of this. Awesome job by our younger generation!

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