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5 Reasons to Spend an Extra Hour at the Library

University at Buffalo library

Whether you’re studying for finals, midterms, or just doing homework, the library is THE place to be!  While beautiful whether and other distractions may try to keep you from hitting the books, here are the top 5 reasons why spending an hour at the library will make a world of a difference!

Better grades. 
Ditch your drafty dorm room and head to the library.  According to a study published by Scholastic, “Across the United States, research has shown that students in schools with good school libraries learn more, get better grades… From Alaska to North Carolina, more than 60 studies have shown clear evidence of this connection between student achievement and the presence of school libraries with qualified school library media specialists.” Libraries offer much more than just books these days so utilize all the resources offered to you. With finals week around the corner, many school will extend their hours, some are even open 24/7! Make sure to check out your library homepage, for up-to- date library hours.

Make your trip a social event. While it depends on the type of study habits you have, many people benefit from group study.  Over the next few weeks, most people will be in the library anyway so don’t be afraid to ask someone to study with you. The library is a great place to meet up with classmates.  Don’t sit alone, overwhelmed by work; studying with others can not only help you retain more it can provide you with a mental break every once and a while as well.  Just remember to make sure you aren’t in a quiet study section!

More than just books. Libraries are equipped with everything you could think of these days. No longer is it your source for just books – there are now all sort of additional media available to you.  Need a program, camera, laptop or maybe even a phone charger? What about a DVD to rent for a homework-free night?  Many of today’s Interactive media centers have so much more then you can even imagine and it is all the for your convenience.  These centers have trained specialists there to help you. Instead of struggling to figure things out on your own, come in and have a word with them.

Productive environment. The library is constantly packed with people being highly studious. In the library, distractions are out of sight and out of mind – and you can pick from a range of different study areas! Whether you know you work better in silence or noise, isolated or surrounded by people, comfortably in a couch or sitting upright at a desk, the library offers them all.

You could be on “Jeopardy!” one day. That extra hour could take you one step closer to being on Jeopardy! Just look at Joshua Bartlett, a 32-year-old graduate student from Albany, who appeared on the trivia game show Thanksgiving night.


Written by Michelle Loza



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