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5 Things to Do Before Returning for the Spring Semester

SUNY FIT students fall 2012

With the winter break quickly coming to an end, most students face about a week before the start of the spring semester.  If your Facebook newsfeed isn’t refreshing fast enough or you can’t muster up courage to go for a quick swim, here are some suggestions for things to do!


1.  Get your textbooks ahead of time.  Nothing is worse than scrambling to read a chapter or two while you wait to get your textbook during the first week of class.  And if you’re buying online, early may mean paying less.

2.  Be prepared for difficult courses.  If you’re taking Calculus II and you haven’t touched a math book in some time, now would be a good time to understand what to expect! You might even be able to talk to other students who took these classes previously and get tips from them on what to look forward to.

3.  Reconnect with college friends.  You probably haven’t seen your friends in a few weeks; now might be a good time to shoot them a quick text to stir up conversation and plans for returning for this semester.

4.  Refresh your wardrobe.  Whether it’s for an internship this spring or to impress your professors, dressing professionally is a great idea.  Retailers are scrambling to attract shoppers since this is post-holiday season so the refreshment could be quite affordable!

5.  Write out your calendar.  Include your class times, holiday breaks, sporting and social events, and important deadlines like signing up for summer or fall classes and submitting financial aid information. Having your events and dates easily visible will help you build a routine and not forget any of your important activities.

And if we could add a sixth, it would be to follow @GenerationSUNY on Twitter to keep up-to-date on the latest alumni, campus, state-wide, and internship news!


Cover Photo: Fashion Institute of Technology, Fall 2012


    Maxwell Morgan

      Written by Maxwell Morgan

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