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5 Things To Do on an Unseasonably Warm Winter Day at College

Warm winter dayLet’s mark our calendars: It is supposed to be the dead of winter, yet temperatures throughout New York and the greater Northeastern U.S. are double what they should be.  To some, it’s a relief–the mild temps melt some snow and allow us to forgo our jackets.  For others, warm weather supports questions raised on the warming planet but, more lightly, shortens the winter sports season.

Here are five things to do that will let you take advantage of an unseasonably warm winter day at college.

1.  Go skateboarding.   That’s what Binghamton University student Matt London snapped a photo of on Wednesday while the campus broke the previous high temp record of 52 degrees set in 1974.  Wednesday’s reading?  54 degrees.

2.  Ditch your jacket.  It’s not only cool to sport layers for the day, but aren’t you sick of the bottom of your jacket laying on the floor of the lecture center when you put it on the back of your seat?

3.  Find a State Park to explore.  The beauty of the evergreen tree in relation to its sparse surroundings is still present, but the weather let’s you explore it.  Check out a map of DEC State Parks to find one near your campus!

4.  Take the opportunity to make friends Because what is simpler to bring up in a conversation than the weather?  Hurry up, though.  You should probably stop reading this now.

5.  If you already have enough friends, we got you to number five.  So here’s another reason to get out for the day: Find some space and play Frisbee.  Or any sport for that matter.  Chances are that snow is mostly extinct from campus by now.  Just make sure to wear boots because it’ll probably be muddy!


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Cover Photo: Binghamton University, winter 2013

Maxwell Morgan

Written by Maxwell Morgan

Maxwell was a Coordinator of Digital Engagement for The State University of New York.

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