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SUNY Mascot Madness – Round 3

SUNY Mascot Madness round 3

Welcome to the First Annual GenerationSUNY Mascot Madness – Round 3! This is a competition where YOU can decide who is the BEST SUNY mascot. We are excited to announce that this year’s contest includes 30 SUNY campuses representing 472 athletic teams and over 220,000 students!Mascot Madness bracket - round 3 (Quarter-finals)

Over our 64 campuses, SUNY has 80 NCAA Division I, 290 NCAA Division III, and 385 NJCAA athletics teams, not to mention teams in other athletics associations and club teams! Our mascots work so hard cheering on every SUNY student athlete – why not cheer them on?

We’ve interviewed each competing mascot to learn a little more about them… Where they are from, what their favorite school event is, even what their favorite foods are. You’ll learn what it is that make these dedicated supporters of SUNY athletic teams, students and alumni tick.

Round 3:

The tournament is moving on to round 3 and the quarter-finals. As round one and two showed us, voting has been plentiful and close. The most narrowly decided match-up to date gave us a winner of less than 50 votes in the Cortland – New Paltz contest. In fact, nearly all of the previous round’s contests brought us a mascot that advanced by a margin of less than 5%

As “analysts” here at Generation SUNY, we have a hard time coming to a conclusion other than all of our mascots are top-notch at what they do. We’ve recently seen some SUNY athletic programs make great efforts in national competitions here during March tournament time. Morrisville, Oswego, Brockport and UAlbany all made strong national appearances in tournaments. Many other programs had their own success in their tournament appearances.

What does this mean? The real winners here are the SUNY family, fans and communities. We learn about the spirit of our athletic teams and representatives and can have fun watching them do what they do.

Round 3, the quarter-finals, begins today and ends Friday, March 22 at 12:00pm. The votes will then be counted and the winners will move on to the final four – the Semi-final round – beginning Monday, March 25 at 12:00. The voting will be limited to one per visitor for the round.

We remind everyone, even if your school is out, there’s still a lot of mascots that

have great characters and profiles to compare against. Read on to find the mascots you feel deserve to move on. Vote for your favorite mascot in each match up and help us decide who winds up on top!

Good luck to the remaining competitors. May the most creative/fun/energetic/crowd-energizing mascot win.


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Learn about the mascotsRound 3 Game 23: New Paltz vs Maritime

[poll id="27"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 3 Game 24: Canton vs Farmingdale

[poll id="28"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 3 Game 25: Morrisville vs. Stony Brook

[poll id="29"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 3 Game 26: Binghamton vs. Buffalo


Emily Schwartz

Written by Emily Schwartz

Emily Schwartz is the Coordinator of Open SUNY Communication and Projects.

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There are 72 comments

  • Harold says:

    I have been trying to vote for the last hour for Farmingdale, but the site wont let me vote

  • Debbie says:

    where can i vote?

  • Ryan Mancini says:

    rambo’s got this

  • Romanoff would Like to wish FSU good luck. Our corporation has two FSU Graduates working and they are key part of our day to day Operation.

  • Nicole M says:

    Canton Kangaroos!

  • Breathing green says:

    “What do you consider the ideal fan?
    Anyone that eats, sleeps, breathes and, most importantly, bleeds GREEN!”

    Know’s whats up.

  • Mike J says:


  • Jen says:

    Let’s go New Paltz! Hugo! Hugo!Hugo!

  • abigail says:

    Roody You Got Thi

  • Sarah says:

    Let’s go Binghamton!

  • Let’s Go Buffalo! #TRUEBLUE

  • JB says:

    Let’s Go, Buffalo!

  • John Doe says:


  • Silence Dogood says:

    New Paltz is the Best Paltz.

  • Charles says:

    Why is voting closed early? The site says very clearly (above) that “Round 3, the quarter-finals, begins today and ends Friday, March 22 at 12:00pm.” Well, it’s still Thursday, March 21, and I can’t vote. What’s up with that?

    • Bob'65 says:

      Boating seems to come and go to the site sometimes just locks up I can’t vote either. Seems to happen most often when were getting close

  • Ian says:

    Hey…everybody……….. Keep Calm and Chive On

  • Emma says:

    What’s up with Maritime? How did they go up so many votes in one hour?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Go Roody!!!!

  • MM says:

    Go Binghamton! Bearcats ftw!!

  • joseph altamura says:

    why cant I vote i voted the first day and haven’t been able to vote since then

  • P. Medina says:

    GO HAWKS!!!! NPVB!!!!

  • Josephine says:

    Great scholl and great mascot.

  • jamie lipman 72 says:

    Interesting… the competitions very first sentence is flawed.

    There is no “First Annual” anything… just “First”…, then 2nd annual, and so-on.

    Jamie ’72

  • Lorin says:

    All the best, Hawks!

  • Joe says:

    Wow, SUNY system has sure grown since I graduated New Paltz in 74′ Farmingdale ???? OMG, used to be only potato farmers lived there, lolz

  • Michelle says:

    Show that Hawk Pride, New Paltz!!

  • Sharron says:


  • Paul says:

    I love New Paltz. I really do – the school, the town, etc.

    But the Hawk mascot (at least the person that dresses up in the suit) is the lamest mascot ever. Keep the mascot, get someone in the suit who has some spirit!

  • Jerry says:

    Hawks all the way

  • Mark B says:

    Go Hawks !!!

    • jonh zappala says:

      Hawks, due to Dr. Mengs, outstanding, work on Peregrine falcons.

      • Dorothea Warren says:


        • Mitch - New Paltz '74 says:

          At a John McLaughlan concert in the Gym in the early 70’s — we were asked to take down the Hawks banner because of the whole Vietnam war – Hawks versus Doves thing. We couldn’t convince him that the banner referred to the real birds.
          Mitch – New Paltz ’74

  • Jo says:

    OK – Now that Wolfie is finally up on the bracket (thanks!), how about making the logos similar in appearance? All the other college have their school name. Use something like this, with Wolfie wrapped around the Stony Brook Seawolves text:

  • Helen says:

    go bearcats~!

  • John Doe says:


  • Love Binghamton!! Take care of my son!

  • J says:

    Love you Roody! Let’s go SUNY Canton!

  • Ike says:

    Go Farmingdale Rams

    • P. Palmer says:

      YES! I am from Farmingdale originally but I now live in Los Angeles. It’s great to see such great spirit for my hometown’s SUNY — Go RAMS!

  • Binghamton Alum. says:

    Binghamton Bearcats all the way!!!!

  • Seawolf says:


  • Starr says:

    Vote NEW PALTZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlene says:

    Go Seawolves!!

  • Tony Cai says:


  • Brian says:

    Maritime has the best mascot story! If they don’t win it’s because the school has only 1200 students.

    • If they don’t win it’s because we pride ourselves with honesty and integrity and aren’t willing to stoop to taking advantage of a glitch on Internet Eplorer…

  • Tricia says:

    Excuse me, Blaze (SUNY Cortland) beat New Paltz in round 2! Where is he?

  • King says:

    Woooooot Morrisville- so small yet so many fans and supporters!

  • Hyde says:

    unable to vote

  • Andy says:

    Go roody go roos

  • nae says:

    roody !!!!!! i love you ! Canton is the bestt !!! -zae

  • sporkles says:

    Anyone else not able to vote? I have never voted in round 3.

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