students find money in couch

College Roommates Find $40,000 in Thrift Shop Couch

4 thoughts on “College Roommates Find $40,000 in Thrift Shop Couch

  1. What a cheapo!!! She should of given each student $1,000.00 for their decision to give her the money she “supposedly” had hidden in the old smelly couch. Her story sounds fishy. Why didn’t she make any attempt to find this “valuable” couch when she discovered what her daughter had done with it? Salvation Army is very easy to find, even if you have to call several of them.

  2. Thank you for picking up the story, however there are two errors that need to be corrected. First, not all three students are SUNY students — only 1 is. Next, the $1K reward was split by the three… (your last paragraph). Thanks

    1. We do say that only one is a student and two are from SUNY, but made the correction that they split the reward. Thanks!

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