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10 Out-of-the-Ordinary College Courses To Enroll In

Breaking Bad College Course

With more than 7,000 programs offered across New York State, the creativity and curiosity of SUNY’s nearly half-million students and 35,000 industry experts are sure to spark demand for unique college courses. The college experience is all about broadening your horizons and expanding your knowledge into the unknown. Exploring different fields of study can satisfy this quest for knowledge as well as diversify your schedule and maybe even change your perspective on things.

Here are 10 unique classes that will definitely add some variety to your schedule:


Breaking Down, ‘Breaking Bad’

Get into the mind of Walter White and analyze AMC’s acclaimed television show that ran its last season this year. The class is offered to open to only seven graduate students this semester and being caught up with every season of ‘Breaking Bad’ is a requirement. Students go into the series’s storyline, characters, and execution.

University at Buffalo // spring 2014


Beginner’s Guide To Craft Beer & Brewing

A Beginner’s Guide To Craft Beer & Brewing is a ten-week course all about beer. You learn everything from preparing it, making it, and then how to properly taste the finished product. The class is open to anyone (ages 21 and over) who would like beer brewing as a hobby, or someone who aspires to work in the brewing industry.

Sullivan County Community College // spring 2014


Tree Climbing

Embrace your primal instincts next semester with a class that requires you to climb trees. But don’t worry, climbers are attached to a rope and harness while climbing up towering trees. This class teaches the ‘arborist’ techniques that canopy researchers use all while enjoying the great outdoors. Be prepared for beautiful scenery, group tasks, and to learn rescue and tree movement techniques.

Binghamton University // fall 2014




Sea Kayaking

Now this is class that would definitely get you in touch with mother nature, and maybe even get into shape. However, this class is more than just soaking up the sun. You’ll learn the evolution of kayak design, how to make rescues, and proper kayak safety.

SUNY Plattsburgh // summer 2014


The Meaning of Life

Does contemplating the meaning of life and existence sound interesting to you? Then this take on a philosophy class if for you. Explore existentialism and its greatest thinkers all semester long while opening your mind to new concepts. We’re not sure if you get an A+ for actually figuring out the meaning of life.

Alfred State College // fall 2014


Personal Branding

Learn the skills to market yourself in this online class developed specifically for SUNY’s innovative Open SUNY online program. Enhance your personal blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media to further your own professional image and career (instead of using them to post selfies). Knowing how brand and present yourself can be one of the most important factors to achieving success.

Open SUNY – SUNY Broome // fall 2014


History of European Witchcraft

Look into the Middle Ages of Europe when ‘witchcraze’ was widespread. Students learn about the history of witchcraft from the Middle Ages to its fall in the 18th century. And no, there will not be any spell casting or flying on broomsticks in this class.

SUNY Oneonta // spring 2014


FIT Pet Fashion Class

Pet Apparel Fashion and Design

Who says pets can’t walk down the runway? As a part of the Pet Product Design and Marketing business and design certificate program offered at FIT, students can learn what it takes to break into the pet fashion industry. From designing puppy raincoats to blinged-out leashes, students get training in design, branding, and sales.
Fashion Institute of Technology // spring 2014


Stage Makeup

There are many elements that go into creating a production of a play. One of these critical elements, stage makeup, transform an entire look of a character. In this class you can explore of the art and technique of makeup design. Also, it includes exercises in the technique of modeling the planes of the face.

University at Albany // spring 2014


Dream Interpretation

Ever have a dream that someone kept on chasing you? Or that all your teeth feel out of your mouth? You might want to consider a dream interpretation class. Discuss dream analysis, sleeping disorders, and the developmental process in a classroom setting to expand your knowledge or to even finally make sense of those bizarre dreams.

Rockland Community College // select semesters


Zombie Residency

Are you intrigued by the zombie culture influenced by today’s media? Then you this zombie residency might be for you. This two-day workshop includes activities and lesson plans based around the subject of flesh eating zombies. Throughout your zombie residency, discuss why zombies have become a reoccurring metaphor in U.S. society and what it reveals about our societal concerns.
Empire State College // spring 2014

Top photo: ‘Breaking Bad’ of AMC

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    Written by Olivia Santo

    Olivia is a former student assistant in the Office of New Media for the State University of New York. She is an undergraduate direct and interactive marketing major with a minor in economics at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY.




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