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6 Foods Every College Student Should Keep In Their Fridge

what to eat at college

As a college student, having food in your house or dorm is always good; it provides you with the accessibility to eat whenever you want and the opportunity for your palate to explore other foods without having to dine out at expensive restaurants.

When I first moved into my dorm room at college, I was so excited to have a mini fridge but had no idea what to actually put inside of it. Of course, I could have tried to stack 24 water bottles underneath the little freezer and along the tiny door, but it seemed like a waste of electricity and space. So, I decided to stock my mini fridge with bits of healthy snacks–and it was an excellent decision.

While I’m certainly not a nutritionist or a doctor, here’s my list 6 foods every college student should keep in their fridge, accompanied by a completely arbitrary ★ scoring system.



BananasHealth Benefits: ★ | 105 calories + rich in Potassium (422 mg) and also high in Vitamin C and B-6.

Flexibility:  | Can be eaten with a slew of other dorm foods, like peanut butter, jam, yogurt, and cereal.

Durability:  | They can last up to 2-9 days refrigerated. They can be squished rather easily. 



hummusHealth Benefits:  | Rich in fiber and protein that help your digestive system, as well as vitamins and minerals that help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Flexibility: ★ | Can be eaten with crackers, pretzels, chips, veggies, on bagels, and almost anything else you can think of.

Durability:  | In the fridge, it can last for up to 10 days unopened. In the freezer, it’s good for 6-8 months.



milkHealth Benefits:  ★★| High in calcium and Vitamin D, which is good for bone health. Has amino acids that moisturize skin. High in protein for muscle growth.

Flexibility: ★★ | Can be used in baked goods/desserts, for cereal, to combine in other drinks, and are wonderful when dipped in cookies.

Durability:  | Lasts for about 7-10 days


Hard-Boiled Eggs

hard boiled eggsHealth Benefits: ★★ | Contains “good fats” that help keep your heart healthy, as well as vitamins that are good for your eyes and bones.

Flexibility:  | Can be used in salads, on a sandwich, or just eaten by themselves. 

Durability:  | Must always be refrigerated. Lasts for about 5 days, but are sturdy.


Peanut Butter

Peanut ButterHealth Benefits: ★★★ | High in potassium, protein, and fiber. Has healthy fats and is good for your heart. 

Flexibility:  | Can be used for sandwiches, to dip in, as a healthy baking substitute and as an ingredient in shakes/recipes.

Durability: ★★ | When refrigerated, it can last up to 8 months (but if not, will last about half that.) 



ApplesHealth Benefits: ★ | High in fiber, high in antioxidants, satisfy hunger, prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol.

Flexibility: ★ | They can be used for baked goods, dipped into caramel and other sweets, put into pancakes, can be made into apple sauce, and can made into a variety of different drinks. 

Durability:  | In the fridge, they can last up to 1-2 months  (but if not, will last about 1-2 weeks.) 


What I didn’t mention but is also good to have on hand: cheese,  carrot sticks, and yogurt. And if you’re a true upstate New Yorker, don’t forget the 100% pure maple syrup to use on your pancakes and in coffee!

Leave your suggestions below!

Steven Molinari

Written by Steven Molinari

Steven was a student assistant in the Office of Communications of the State University of New York in summer 2014. He is an undergraduate political science student at Binghamton University.



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  • Your experience in storing food in the mini fridge is very interesting.

  • I think the first values we need to give the eating habits to the students. Fast food culture is damaging the health of our future.

  • Kalen Enerji says:

    I think fruit is important for students all the time.

  • What a great list of foods. It’s nice that these are also compact and easy to store for college kids.

  • I would recommend students to purchase mini fridge with lock because it’s a jungle out there 🙂

  • Sudarto says:

    Your experience in storing food in the mini fridge is very interesting. It is a way of saving but still be able to get the food you want. Having a mini fridge is a practical way for students in the dorm. I never did like it when I was a student.

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