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Interactive: Comparing Graduation Outcomes with SUNY

Where to apply to college is on any prospective student’s mind, especially as siblings and friends begin to return for the fall. However, as you weigh SAT scores, costs, and campuses, there’s one important factor in choosing a college that’s often overlooked: how many students who set foot on campus actually graduate.

Luckily, SUNY leads the way in this metric. If you’re considering a SUNY campus, whether it’s a community college, technical school, comprehensive college or one of the four university centers, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that SUNY students often have better success rates of getting to completion with graduation:

In every category, you can see that SUNY does better than the national competition. But why is making it to graduation important for students?

While getting your degree is an important symbolic step, it also has serious implications for your career: people who have completed college tend to have better salaries and across the board have less unemployment than those with just a high school diploma.
Smart Track
On top of job opportunities, graduating in a timely manner helps you to manage the expenses of your education and any debt you might carry after completion. While SUNY schools have some of the best values in the country, it’s important to plan ahead. SUNY students have access to Smart Track, a collection of resources designed to help students and families understand college costs and develop a financial plan for the future with financial literacy tools and even an interactive net price calculator.

With 64 colleges and universities, robust online offerings and over 5,000 undergraduate academic programs, you are certain to find your passion with a path to completion at SUNY.

Start your journey. Apply SUNY.

Data Source: Integrated Post-Secontary Education Data System (IPEDS) 2011 Graduation Rate Survey

Jack Fischer

Written by Jack Fischer

Jack was a student assistant in the Office of Communications of the State University of New York in summer 2014 as an undergraduate student at Binghamton University majoring in computer science.




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