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10 Must-Have Apps for the Fall 2014 Semester

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No matter where you are or where you might go, mobile apps always come in handy. Whether it be for a long bus ride back to campus or for helping you at your internship–college students are always looking to their phones to improve their lives. We’ve recommended apps for you before to help increase your productivity and help you relax. This semester, we’ve prepared for you another collection of various apps any smartphone toting college student might find useful. These applications vary from organization tools to stress relievers–covering almost all of your bases for this upcoming semester. Here are 10 Must-Have Apps for the Fall 2014 Semester.


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1. LinkedIn Pulse – Are you looking to further your image to potential employers? Well this App customizes your news reading experience, easily explores compelling professional content, and shares stories to your favorite social networks. This allows you to further educate yourself as well as impress your connections on LinkedIn.
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Pocket App icon2. Pocket – This app allows you to easily save articles, videos, and other web content for later. All your items go to one place, so you can view, organize and share them anytime on any device, even offline, instead of losing track of links on your phone you tried saving or letting tabs pile up in your browser for later. Just save them to Pocket, and they’ll be ready when you are.
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Dictionary dot com icon3. – This app is a life saver when you’re trying to find a definition, synonym, antonym, or even a translation for a word. College students will especially find this useful when writing papers or creating PowerPoint presentations. You can sign up for Word of the Day alerts to expand your vocabulary and even use it to study for those big exams.
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GroupMe icon4. GroupMe – Whether you’re having a conversation with your suite-mates or members of a club–this will help you coordinate with small or large groups. The app allows several people to be part of the conversation like it’s one giant chat room. So, if you’re in a club with tons of members, don’t worry because no one will be left out.
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AroundMe icon5. AroundMeSometimes college can seem really big. When you’re in a new location that you’re just starting to familiarize yourself with, AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings. It helps with finding anything from gas stations to banks to local restaurants.
iOS  |  Android  |  WindowsPhone

WhatsApp icon6. WhatsApp – Are you a student paying extra on your phone bill or in another country studying abroad? This messaging app allows you to exchange messages through the web with your data plan instead of having to pay for SMS. In addition to the standard text, WhatsApp can also help you share location info and media for a comprehensive messaging platform that works with all mobile platforms.
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Lookout Mobile Security app icon7. Lookout Security – We all know the dangers of identity theft and online security risks. Lookout Mobile Security can offer you peace of mind that the information on your phone is safe by scanning your apps for safety, blocking malware, backing up your data to the cloud, and even helping you locate a lost or stolen phone.
iOS  |  Android

Study Blue app icon8. Study Blue – Connect with friends, teachers, and other students who are studying the same material you are in a collaborative learning environment where users can create and share flash cards, study guides, and practice quizzes with others all over the world. With more than 250 million pieces of content, you’ll have no problem finding tools to help pass your next class.
iOS  |  Android

Fitocracy app icon9. Fitocracy Afraid of the notorious “freshman 15”? Fitocracy puts you in a social environment where you have access to fitness coaches, nutrition experts, and others who are working to maintain an exercise plan. The app lets you organize challenges with friends to add some fun, healthy competition to your workouts to help you achieve your goals when you want to.
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Photo Editor by Aviary app icon10. Photo Editor by Aviary Being someone who loves to take photos of friends and family, beautiful scenery, and everyday moments, I was pleased to have found this app. From easy cosmetic enhancements, effects, themes, and more, this app has made my memories at college look even better on my phone than they did in person.
iOS  |  Android  |  WindowsPhone

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    Written by Steven Molinari

    Steven was a student assistant in the Office of Communications of the State University of New York in summer 2014. He is an undergraduate political science student at Binghamton University.

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