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9 MORE Out-of-the-Ordinary College Courses To Enroll In

The college experience is all about broadening your horizons and expanding your knowledge into the unknown. Exploring different fields of study can satisfy this quest for knowledge as well as diversify your schedule and maybe even change your perspective on things. With more than 7,000 programs offered across New York State, the creativity and curiosity of SUNY’s nearly half-million students and 35,000 industry experts spark demand for unique college courses every year. To what areas do these interests reach? We’ve researched and found some answers.

Here are 9 unique classes that will definitely add some variety to your schedule:

Game of Thrones poster

Surviving “The Game of Thrones”

This course will focus on the books by George R.R. Martin and analyze differences between his “A Song of Fire and Ice” series and the HBO series it’s based on. Students must be prepared to be split into different Houses like in the books and show, and “fight it out” as the Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons and Targaryens.

SUNY Cortland

Advanced Embalming #YODO (You Only Die Once)

For this “Out-of-the-Ordinary” course, students are told the moment they show up at orientation— “they must be — different than the rest of us. We need their help”. This continually growing course is part of a 4 year degree program that is only offered at handful of other places. Be prepared to dive deep into death, and learn all about the unique and special problems encountered by the embalmer in professional practice.

SUNY Canton

SUNY Adirondack students behind a camera and video board producing a campus television show.

Radio and Television Broadcasting

From Howard Stern to Dan Patrick, there are many ways to deliver daily news and discussions across radio and television platforms. This hands on course allows students to have the unique opportunity to participate actively in real, on-air radio broadcasts through the college’s WGFR “The Revolution” FM radio station. The station can be found online at: Could SUNY produce the next Casey Kasem?

SUNY Adirondack

Zoo Tech

Who hasn’t wanted to feed a lion or hang out with Chimpanzees? In Behavioral Husbandry, students will learn the principles of animal training with a focus on operant conditioning for use in zoological parks. Students are prepared for an entry-level keeper position through a combination of classroom studies and rare hands-on experience at zoos.

Jefferson Community College

Yoga: Theory and Praxis

Namaste. There is no better way to relax the body and mind then by diving deep into the history of Yoga. Pair this educational journey with Yoga classes offered at the student wellness center and you may be able to find the real meaning of the expression, “ahh”.

Stony Brook University

roulette wheel

Casino/Racino Games

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! In this course, students learn the ins and outs of the most popular casino games. By the time you are done with this class you will have the ability to play, run, supervise and manage a variety of casino/racino games, and maybe even count cards…

Broome Community College

Golf Management

Fore!! In introduction to Golf Management, students will obtain an understanding of the etiquette, definitions and rules that govern the game of golf. However, we can’t promise it will help you score a birdie to win your next match.

Monroe Community College

NanoScale Science

Be a part of the most advanced nanotechnology research enterprise at any university in the world. With more than $20 billion in public and private investments, and the participation of more than 3,100 scientists, researchers, engineers, faculty, and graduate students from leading global corporations and top research universities, CNSE offers undergraduate students a world-class experience working with, and learning from, the top innovative minds in the academic and industrial worlds.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Tompkins-Cortland Community College food found at campus restaurant Cultivaire.

Sustainable Farming

Nothing tastes better then food fresh from the farm. In this hands on course, students will be exposed to the many intricacies involved with planning and preparing a small sustainable vegetable farm for the growing season. They will also get the opportunity to work, learn and eat and TC3 brand new “Coltivare Culinary Center

Tompkins Cortland Community College

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Written by Glenn Solomon

Glenn is a student assistant in the Office of New Media of the State University of New York. He is an undergraduate economics and political science major at the University at Albany in Albany, NY.

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