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YOUR FEEDBACK: New SUNY Social Media Responsibility Guidelines

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As social media transforms society, its impact on higher education institutions raises significant questions on how schools can successfully keep pace while supporting a safe and healthy campus environment.

Propelled by expanded broadband Internet access, accessible creative technologies, powerful mobile devices and the first digitally native generation, universities exist at the nexus of dynamic developments that are redefining the college experience.

For the digitally native generation, learning and socializing-­-­two core elements of campus life-­-­take place both online and off. As a result, young adults are expressing themselves on new digital platforms, with benefits and consequences that challenge the existing systems. What’s more, the nature of these platforms change on a daily basis, as young adults aware of the web’s permanent record flock to apps centered on anonymity and ephemerality, where they may feel they can interact more freely.

Collectively, these changes demand a new policy framework that supports the evolving nature of campus life. Reflecting this need, in February, 2015 SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher convened a task force to analyze the impact of social media and provide recommendations on educating the campus community and responding to safety challenges.

Composed of faculty, student, law enforcement and government representatives, the task force studied past incidents, consulted with industry experts and developed a set of flexible recommendations to support SUNY institutions as they modernize policy and programs in the digital age.

You can read the whole social media recommendations report here.

Your input

Before officially adopting these policies the board would like to review feedback from students, professors, school, and the public. That’s where you come in. By taking this survey you are providing valuable feedback that shapes real-life policy.

As technology transforms higher education and campus life, the Chancellor’s Task Force on Social Media Responsibility reflects SUNY’s commitment to supporting safe, healthy, constructive communities that embrace change and uphold institutional values both onscreen and off.

In this survey you will be presented with each one of the Task Force Recommendations for the board. Please respond thoroughly and honestly to each one.

Thank you for your time and support.

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