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Feeding Hope to Those Affected by Eating Disorders

SUNY Plaza shines in blue and green lights at night.

We often hear about how difficult eating healthy is for students. From busy schedules to the freshman 15, common complaints have long been a part of college stories. These issues make the awareness of eating disorders all the more important for healthy living among young adults. The National Eating Disorders Association organizes #NEDAwareness Week every year to help raise awareness of eating disorders and put life-saving resources into the hands of those in need. This year, the theme is It’s Time to Talk About It, encouraging everyone to get screened, and this is the week we raise awareness for those affected and promote access to care.

An eating disorder is classified as any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by disturbed or abnormal habits surrounding weight and food issues. Eating disorders affect approximately 30 million people of all ages and genders in the United States alone. With our various counseling centers and programs in place at all campuses to offer assistance, The State University of New York is determined to help those who are suffering from eating disorders.

Raising awareness is the key to helping those that may feel like there is no place to turn. Across the nation this week, people are joining in and shining their lights blue and green to advocate for Eating Disorder Awareness. There are more than 50 iconic landmarks across the country shining their lights to show they stand with the victims of eating disorders. Of the many landmarks, eight are in New York, one of which is our very own SUNY Plaza Building.

Being such a large system, we strive to advocate for different causes that affect the faculty, staff, and students on our 64 campuses. If an eating disorder affects you or a friend, know that there is help available out there to keep you healthy and safe.

    Written by Nathaly Mucha

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