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Mascot Madness 2018 – Round 1

2018 SUNY Mascot Madness - Round 1
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The 6th annual Mascot Madness has begun. This year, we have 36 mascots competing to win the highest honor imaginable: who New York’s favorite college mascot is in 2018. We randomly placed the contenders in four brackets, and the rankings were determined by the number of athletic programs associated with their school. Now, we’re calling on you to show your SUNY spirit and submit a vote for your favorite mascot to help determine who makes it to the next round.

Mascot Madness 2018 bracket

View the entire Mascot Madness 2018 bracket.

But to cast the right vote, you need to know these competitors and what makes them stand out. To help, we compiled these profiles to better introduce you to the great SUNY Mascots:

Athletics at SUNY

In terms of statewide athletics, SUNY collectively has more than 750 athletic teams among the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division III, and NJCAA ranks, as well as hundreds of non-competitive athletics clubs. At SUNY, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved for those who are passionate about athletics, whether it’s playing or spectating. These competitive students can be, and are, part of a group that brings championships and accomplishments home to New York State.

Our mascots work so hard cheering on all of our SUNY student-athletes and pumping up the crowds all year long. With this competition, we have the opportunity to cheer them on and recognize them for all the hard work they put in to raise our campuses and students across New York State and beyond. So show them some love, and let the games begin!

* Voting for the 2018 Mascot Madness tournament will be conducted with vote verification. Each voter will need to supply an email address with which they will be sent a confirmation email to submit their votes through. This will allow the voting to be reviewed for consistency in a direct way. All votes will be limited to one per 24 hours, after which a user can resubmit a new vote in the same game again. Email addresses will not be used for marketing or addition to any mailing lists, but simply for voter verification. All addresses will be deleted at the conclusion of the tournament.

Mascot Madness 2018 Round 1: Voting ends Friday, March 16 4:00pm


Region 1

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[polldaddy poll=”9958079″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958081″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958085″]

Region 2

[polldaddy poll=”9958092″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958093″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958096″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958098″]

Region 3

[polldaddy poll=”9958301″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958303″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958326″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958332″]

Region 4

[polldaddy poll=”9958352″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958354″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958361″]
[polldaddy poll=”9958364″]
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Written by Julie Maio

Julie is the assistant director for student mental health and wellness for SUNY System Administration.




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There are 6 comments

  • G says:

    The voting box for FIT and SUNY-Poly is missing. How are we supposed to vote?

  • Pat Kingsley says:

    How, where and when do we vote?

  • Stacie Miller says:

    Corning is on your email list, but where is it????

  • Michelle Logan says:

    The CCs need to stick together and empower each other’s status/votes!

  • Jeremy Whaley says:

    Where the heck is Blaze the Dragon from SUNY-Cortland?????

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