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Mascot Madness 2019 – Round 2

Mascot Madness 2019 round 2
It’s Spring, it’s a new week and that can only mean one thing; we enter a new round of SUNY’s annual Mascot Madness tournament. Round 1 drew the curtain at 3:00pm on Friday and the nerve-racking results became official. We witnessed a thrilling round of swings, upsets and blowouts with more than 20,000 SUNY fans showing up to vote for their favorite Mascot. One notable result included SUNY’s defending champion, Victor E. Knight from SUNY Geneseo being narrowly beaten by Tripp from Niagara County Community College, in a tense finish. The fans came out to vote.

Each of the mascots brought their A-game to Round 1 and their call for support was heard across every social media platform. Many of the underdogs came out on top and have advanced to round 2 of the tournament, making that Sweet 16 bracket. If you were unable to or forgot to cast a vote in Round 1, you can still participate and show your love for the remaining contenders. To help you make your decision and to cast the right vote, be sure to check out the profiles of each SUNY Mascot:

Athletics at SUNY

In terms of statewide athletics, SUNY collectively has more than 760 athletic teams among the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division III, and NJCAA ranks, as well as hundreds of non-competitive athletics clubs. Whether you are interested in playing or spectating, each SUNY school provides plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved and be part of amplifying the college spirit in New York State.

All year round, SUNY’s mascots work tirelessly in cheering on their campus athletic teams, interacting with the students and adding to the fans spirits before games. Now it’s your turn to pay it forward. As we get closer to the finals and eagerly anticipate the results of each week, be sure to cast your vote!

Vote in ROUND 2:

* Voting for the 2019 Mascot Madness tournament will be conducted with vote verification. Each voter will need to supply an email address with which they will be sent a confirmation email to submit their votes through. This will allow the voting to be reviewed for consistency in a direct way. All votes will be limited to one per 12 hours, after which a user can resubmit a new vote in the same game again. Email addresses will not be used for marketing or addition to any mailing lists, but simply for voter verification. All addresses will be deleted at the conclusion of the tournament.

Mascot Madness 2019 Round 2: Voting ends Thursday, March 28 at 3:00pm


Region 1

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Region 2

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Region 3

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Region 4

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Written by Jill O'Brien




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  • Alexa says:

    Damien Dane!!!!

  • Lisa Rozanski says:

    1 vote for Suny ESF Acorn ,1 son, 1 daughter graduated alumni
    1 vote for Suny Poly wildcat, 1 son undergrad attending

  • Robert Stone says:


  • Mary Martin says:

    Blaze is the best!

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