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8 Tips for a Great Spring Semester

Students at SUNY Purchase sitting outside

SUNY students across New York State have kicked off their spring semester. The excitement from the new year (and the new decade!) are even more amplified now with new classmates, courses, professors, and events. As you embark on this new journey, we are here to provide advice on how to make the most of this spring inside and out of the classroom.

Get ahead on your spring cleaning

It’s common knowledge that once the semester swings into full gear, it is rare to find a free day that can be spent tidying up, as one may normally in the spring. Take the opportunity to start off the semester with a good clean while you are settling back into your residence halls or off-campus housing, and it will keep you organized throughout the spring!

Mark your calendars

Most syllabi include course schedules, empowering students to plan out the months to come far in advance. Couple those with your college’s academic calendar to plan out assignments in advance so you are never left unprepared for an assignment or test. There are many apps and digital calendars to choose from, but any one you pick will help you stay organized and ready for any deadline or event. Bonus tip – Use bright colors and mark up your new 2020 calendars to easily distinguish one event from another and get excited for what is sure to be an eventful semester!

Stick with what you know works

Your fall semester was successful- don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel here. Keep up the study habits that worked best for your learning style and schedule, and don’t give in to the pressure of a ‘new year, new me’ mindset. Our study tips are always a reference that can help you stay on top of your game.

Keep in touch with current events

It’s always an exciting time to be a SUNY student, but that is heightened even more during an election year in which higher education has been a big focus for presidential candidates. Make sure you don’t miss the deadline to register to vote, and stay active and engaged in your college community!To get started, you can follow SUNY on Facebook and Twitter to learn about the latest and greatest happenings across the system.

Join a new club

From academic to social and beyond, the start of the new semester is the perfect time to join a club that interests you. Take advantage of the involvement fairs and influx of new students to get your foot in the door for a new applied learning experience.

Know your study resources

Take time at the beginning of the semester to learn what resources are available to help you pass that class with flying colors. You’ll be able to set a schedule to help you take advantage of teachers’ assistants, study groups, library hours, computer labs, and more to help you get those grades to the top. At college, you’re not in this alone, so take advantage of all the resources your campus provides you to help you succeed.

Be thinking ahead to the summer…

Many summer internship deadlines are really early on- don’t miss your opportunity to line up an exciting summer and fall! Meet with your career advisement and applied learning offices to find the program best designed for you.

…But don’t forget to enjoy the moment!

Just because winter break is over doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore. Don’t burn out early on in the semester by throwing yourself head first into a busy academic schedule. Remember to live in the present and enjoy the time you have in the greatest system of higher education in the country.

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Written by Taryn Rackmyer

Taryn Rackmyer is a recent graduate of Mohawk Valley Community College, now attending the University at Albany for Public Policy. Taryn is a student assistant for SUNY's Government Relations & Marketing Department.



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