Volunteer Firefighter Free SUNY Degree

Volunteer Firefighters Eligible for Free SUNY Degree

14 thoughts on “Volunteer Firefighters Eligible for Free SUNY Degree

  1. Ya that is a great deal for kids going to collegenow, but it’s a shame that they won’t do anything for the volunteers fire fighters who started doing this after they finished college and collected a shit tone of student lones!!!

  2. Thank you for this article. Can you attend SUNY at Albany and get a four-year degree?

  3. EMTs are able, through SUNY Empire State College, to bring in up to 30 introductory credits depending on the level of certification:

    First Responder: 2 cr.
    EMT-Basic: 5 cr.
    EMT-Intermediate: 10 cr.
    EMT-CC: 13 cr.
    EMT-Paramedic: 4 cr.

    Credits are cumulative, so if you had the Intermediate certification, you’d get the 10, plus the 5, plus the 2.

  4. Does the free tuition apply to a volunteer and/or employee who served many years but is medically no longer able to, but, is in need of a higher education to swtch careers?

  5. Great question Nancy. EMS make up the VAST majority of emergency calls. It would seem to me a very short step to include volunteer EMT’s, Medics and Drivers in this important benefit. PS – as the population ages the number of EMS calls is only going to go UP as time goes on. Word to the wise – Get this done like NOW.

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