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Start-Up NY Business Gives New Meaning to ‘Urban Agriculture’

2 thoughts on “Start-Up NY Business Gives New Meaning to ‘Urban Agriculture’

  1. Sounds promising. Yet I wonder, IF it worked on a grad scale (and did not use up even more scarce resources such as energy/oil etc., if it will outpace aquaponics in the end. If it were eventually profitable and not a niche product, then, maybe, finally the food and the urban sprawl would move closer together and cities would not be dependent on their livelihood to be imported from around the country or the world at large over often thousands of miles. On the other hand, like the first industrial revolution, we would see huge shifts, once again, in the division of labor between agriculture and industry (the above really is industry more than agriculture, in my opinion).

  2. Urban Agriculture is the process of cultivating and distributing food around a village, town or city. Urban agriculture provide a variety of food products such as grains, root crops, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and more.

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