Mascot Madness final four

Mascot Madness 2015: Final Four

17 thoughts on “Mascot Madness 2015: Final Four

  1. Best to have the poll on an .edu domain address rather than using third-party Gmail sent all of my confirmation emails to Spam. Gmail displayed, “Why is this message in Spam? We’ve found that lots of messages from are spam.
    Voters may have missed the confirmation email due to spam filtering and believing they did not receive the email for confirmation.

  2. The email issue is not just with Binghampton! I am a New Paltz voter and also experienced placing a vote and having different email popping up for where the confirmation would be sent.

  3. It’s 3:50p and the same voting issue Kenneth Homer had is happening again for Binghamton for the past 30 minutes. The deadline should be extended to ensure a fair vote and compensate for this glitch.

  4. It’s 3:40p and the voting problem Kenneth Homer had is happening again for Binghamton. I’ve been trying to vote for the past 20 minutes, but it’s saying a confirmation is being sent to various different email addresses. The deadline should be extended for a fair vote.

  5. Voting for New Paltz is NOT WORKING. The confirmation is being sent to other email addresses!

  6. Follow up: At 1:57 PM 4/1 I tried again and was working and finally got my own email confirmation to register my vote for Baxter.

  7. The voting email confirmation is not working. When Binghamton vote is placed and email is asked for, the next notice is that an email has been sent to an totally different email than has been registered. I have tried my email three times and three different email notifications came back. some thing is going on with the voting confirmation.!!! Please investigate or invalidate that race.

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