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5 Frequently Asked Questions International Students Ask SUNY (and the answers)

2 thoughts on “5 Frequently Asked Questions International Students Ask SUNY (and the answers)

  1. This is an interesting article. I remember the first time I came to SUNY. I had so many questions regarding different aspects of my life as an international student in New York. Starting from student loans through the most suitable accommodation options, everyday expenses, finding an internship, etc. I find this article really useful for new students.

  2. Interesting piece. I had some of the same questions. One of the questions I had as an international before coming to NY concerned the cultural shock and finding housing to ease me into the new culture of New York. From my experience finding the right housing situation, whether it is resident housing (finding the right roommate) or off-campus (again finding the right roommate) can make the living situation so much better. After my experience I’ve started my own platform to help with just that – Internationals can search and reserve a place even before leaving home and increase their chances of finding the right roommate or place to live.

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