A Binghamton University downtown campus brick building.

Multiple SUNY Schools Named to Forbes’ List of America’s Top Colleges for 2016

10 thoughts on “Multiple SUNY Schools Named to Forbes’ List of America’s Top Colleges for 2016

  1. I am a freshman at Stony Brook University and I am proud to hear that my university gets a place in that Forbes list. I feel like the luckiest student in the whole world, my experience with this awesome university is really good so far, I am enjoying my time here – of course sometimes it is pretty difficult and challenging but that is why I am here for. Thank you for posting this list here!

  2. it will be great help if you suggest me the best colleges for computer science for P.G in Houston, Texas. i googled it but i want experts suggestion, so your opinion will be appreciated.
    thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Oh and how funny is this “. For example, every SUNY student has an opportunity to engage in an applied learning experience while enrolled.” WTK does that mean?

  4. lol My opinion follows. Binghamton University is in the top 200. I think about 175. The SUNY system likes to promote Binghamton as if it were like a “public Ivy”. It is a best buy like Red Roof Inn. Red Roof Inn isn’t Four Seasons. Binghamton University isn’t Public Ivy anything. They could not possibly stuff more students into that university while also not adding any resources. There are no seats in classes, no seats in the library, no way to get advising, no way to get into counseling center, no parking on campus. Do you get it? Talk about the stereotype of the large impersonal public institution where students are numbers and where the administration could not care less about the college students. That describes Binghamton University to a “T”. Why would any one want their child there? I’d not send my dog. The administration could not be more lousy, detached and, yes, corrupt.

    1. Thank you for your unsolicited and obviously uneducated comments. I am proud to have gotten my degree from Binghamton and went on to get two masters degrees. I received a great education and foundation for becoming a successful educator.

      1. Actually, I have heard the exact same feedback about Binghamton University self-promotion and insufficient student-faculty ratio. I, myself went to Geneseo for education. At the time it was a very nice small campus. Unfortunately, it has grown quite a bit and lost the personal feel.

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