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Can We See A Treatment For Glaucoma?

3 thoughts on “Can We See A Treatment For Glaucoma?

  1. A very interesting read. The problem with glaucoma is that the pressure of fluid buildup in the eye could eventually damage the optic nerve. On the other hand, the good news is that if detected early, it can be treated with eye drops, medication, laser treatments or surgery or a combination of these. Therefore, loss of vision need not occur for most people.

  2. Glaucoma disease genetics pass away the next generation of the family. So I read out the article about the glaucoma disease therapies by Dr. Kumar. Helping the patient who suffering from this disease. So I can look forward for the effective and safe new therapies.

  3. As someone who suffers from glaucoma and has passed on the apparent genetics to her son, I am thrilled to hear the progress that Dr. Kumar has made in helping us fight this insidious disease. Well done, Dr. Kumar! We look forward new, effective, and safe therapies.

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