2017 top 10 new species

Rats, Ants… Tomatoes? Meet the Top 10 New Species in 2017

3 thoughts on “Rats, Ants… Tomatoes? Meet the Top 10 New Species in 2017

  1. What a wonderful article! It’s so interesting to read about new species. I’m impressed with the photos you’ve provided, they are awesome! I wonder how many new species there are on the planet about which we don’t have any idea? Probably, endangared species will ve replaced with the new ones.

  2. Oh, gracious Heavens! I`m in a shock…I`m the one who is afraid of species of spiders. It`s awful. I can`t understand how it can be that someone loves these insects and he or she can be happy because of discovering a new one kind of each. But if the stars are lit, then someone must need them, of course?

  3. New species are always welcome thanks to scientists.
    We need to give more attention for engendered species. I’m into wildlife photography since 2007 and I’m shocked that every year birds habitats are changing mostly wetlands are disappearing.

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