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Bringing Broad Expertise To the Efforts Behind A Low-Carbon Future

9 thoughts on “Bringing Broad Expertise To the Efforts Behind A Low-Carbon Future

    1. “Sustainability is a shared responsibility. By joining the coalition with other leaders in higher education, we take that effort international.”

      This absolutely needs to be an international effort and quickly!

  1. I am very concerned about the future of the world, and how the environment is reacting to the way humans have treated it.

    Hopefully the top minds will find a way of reversing this trend…

  2. Environmental change is something that will impact us all, the more and more extreme fluctuations of weather is concerning. Here in Chicago, we got -20 without even taking into account windchill last month!

    Hopefully we can use some machine learning and self improving AI to develop cutting edge pollution reversing technologies.

  3. Amazing that 90% of the lakes surveyed showed warmer surface temperatures. Thanks for the good read and helping make the world a better place a little bit at a time.

  4. Wow that’s kinda crazy to think that just due to the UC3 coming together it boosted Americas environmental science research by 25%, that’s what i call making a serious difference in the world. Thank you guys for fighting the battle many people don’t even know exists, keep up the hard work!

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