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Alumni Profile: Katy Henthorne

Katy Henthorne is a producer, entrepreneur, and visionary. She attended SUNY Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) to study mass communication and spe...

Let’s call them visitors – not tourists

The writer is Jeanne Fagan, Professor of Business Administration at Finger Lakes Community College. Fanny packs. Loud clothes. Goofy behavior. Someh...

All she could think of in class was — chocolate

Chocolate. Jasmine Mead thought about chocolate in her Marketing class. She thought about it some more in her Retail Business Management class. And ag...

Cattails, construction, creativity

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch sight of a great blue heron from the small wooden deck at the edge of the cattail marsh at Finger Lakes Community Co...

Black Bears: The John Waynes of the Woods

As a camp counselor in the Adirondacks, Alyssa Johnson sees black bears as vagrants, nosing into trash bins for something a picky camper left behind. ...