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On Election Day, Do Your Part To Make Your Voice Heard

Today is election day. After nearly two years of commercials, speeches, and campaign events, the people of America will finally vote to select the 45t...

Process Politics: Going to (the Electoral) College

The end of our long presidential election cycle is approaching. All of the work inside and outside the campaigns will be measured on November 8, Elect...

Opening The Doors To A New Look At History

The Smithsonian Museum is a masterpiece of American culture in art, science, history, and so much more. Recently, we were privileged to open an all ne...

Process Politics: Analyzing the Campaign Season Through the Conventions

As the Republican convention comes to a close this week and the Democratic convention opens Monday, we reached out to faculty across SUNY institutions...

Celebrating America and its Legacy in Higher Education

The Fourth of July is almost here—on Monday, we’ll be taking the day to celebrate America’s birthday, probably with things that light u...