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30 Days of Giving 2021, Day 8: New Stony Brook Students Connect with Community Through Service

The college experience is not one that is limited to a small location. A true college experience connects students with the cities, towns, and communi...

30 Days of Giving 2020, Day 18: Stony Brook Graduates Rally to Help Frontline Workers

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything it is that our students are amazingly resilient. In defiance of all the difficulties they have face...

30 Days of Giving 2019, Day 12: Seawolves for Service at Stony Brook University

In November of 2019, the Stony Brook University community came together to participate in the first Seawolves for Service. Supported by the Center for...

College Success Becomes a Family Affair For This SUNY Alum

As the largest comprehensive system of public higher education in the country, the vast number of alumni graduating from SUNY schools are bound to be ...

30 Days of Giving 2018 – Day 17: Stony Brook University Students Practice Prevention and Outreach

Red Watch Band (RWB) is a bystander intervention program that teaches students how to prevent toxic drinking deaths. After a doctor from the Stony Bro...