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SUNY Mascots Show Dedication to the Craft

Mascot Madness bracketToday is the midpoint of Mascot Madness Round 1, so we decided to explore how our multi-talented creatures (and plants) keep busy during the year! Whether it’s pumping up the crowd at a game, helping the students on campus, or offering their services to help out the local community, the SUNY Mascots are a dedicated – and quite busy – bunch. Take a look at some videos we found of the mascots in action.

And don’t forget, if you haven’t voted in SUNY Mascot Madness Round 1 yet, you have until Sunday night to do so. Round 2 begins Tuesday at noon!

If we missed any videos of our mascots in action, post it in the comments or let us know on Facebook/Twitter!

SUNY Brockport


SUNY ESF – Oakie

#MascotMadness! Oakie gets some extra training for his run in Mascot Madness.

SUNYIT – Walter the Wildcat

Walter has an active mind when he dreams.  (And leave it to SUNYIT to incorporate a Segway into a video!)

Stony Brook University – Wolfie Seawolf

Is it more compelling that Wolfie has infinite dance moves or that Wolfie changes outfits for every event?

SUNY Plattsburgh – Burghy

Gangnam… er, (Platts)burghy Style. Yes, it is five minutes long.  And yes, you will probably watch all five minutes.


University at Buffalo – Victor E. Bull

Victor trains hard to stay fit and able to pump up the crowd during football season.

SUNY Morrisville – Mustang

The name of this video is “SUNY Morrisville’s Mustang Mascot on a Zip Line”.  Believe it or not, it is of SUNY Morrisville’s Mustang mascot on a zip line.

SUNY Cortland – Blaze

It’s great that Blaze brings joy to kids and everybody else at the fair, but there is also something fundamentally unique about a dragon petting cows.




And we can see now why Damien and Blue Devil opted out of Mascot Madness–they’re busy pumping up the crowds, giving to their communities, and dancing!

University at Albany – Damien Dane

This video leads us to ask the most pressing question: Is Damien’s pawprint larger than my hand?  If so, will my hand be overwhelmed when I go in for a high-five?

SUNY Fredonia – Blue Devil

Rumor has it that Blue Devil organized the entire event.  Did he choose the music, too?

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    • It has been years since I left New York, but I am so glad to see the Macots up to their old trick and bringing joy and excitement to the game!

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