Why Graffiti Exists

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  1. Interesting topic Prof. Wolf. Living in Los Angeles, there is no avoiding graffiti. I see tags along the 101 freeway, and I also beautiful murals that sometimes I cannot believe it was done with a spray can. I also travel back and forth from LA to Medellin, Colombia. In Medellin, the mayor of the city invited graffiti artists from around the world to create graffiti art/ murals around the city. They were around for two weeks creating this awesome art. Similar to your cousin. Also in Los Angeles, there has been a high demand for graffiti experts where they use them to save the LA art scene, here is the link about it:

  2. Excellent views here. I have seen some truly remarkable pieces of “Graffiti” throughout the world, I put the phrase in quotes because it has generally a bad name. But the pieces I have seen on walls, old buildings, blocks of flats some 6 blocks high would all fit well in today’s modern art gallery’s.

    No question, they are simply works of art. Some of the work where the artist takes into account the urban area too are amazing. They use the surroundings to their advantage and blend it in with the piece.

    The whole ‘tagging’ thing is not really what I go for, but the huge street are murals and other urban art such as pavement work or chalk art is very impressive and not an act of vandalism in my view.

    Thanks for putting this post together.

  3. Thank you, Prof Wolf for a worthwhile set of thoughts about this type of art, especially the point about contradiction. It gets at the juice and fire or whatever that is inside art. Like that, there is for me the wonder of improvisation…that even under pressure of discovery and punishment, such good composition, expression, and execution is possible and with such limited tools. It is even more “done in the open” than pleasant easel afternoons en plein air that we admire.

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