8 SUNY Alumni You Can See On The Screen

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  1. What about Paul Schulze? Father Phil on The Soprano’s and was in a Nick Gomez flick Drowning Mona. Both SUNY Purchase Alum.

  2. SUNY Plattsburgh’s Dave Annable Class of 2009 was seen on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters as well as 666 Park Ave and Little Black Book. Also Grads of SUNY Plattsburgh are Michael Rispoli from The Soprano’s, Tim Robbin’s from Shawshank Redemption, and Bryan O’Byrne who’s credits include Murder She Wrote and Spaceballs. Dawn Fratangelo, who is a major correspondent for NBC also attended SUNY Plattsburgh.

  3. Michael Badalucco (born December 20, 1954) is an American actor known for his role as lawyer Jimmy Berluti on the ABC legal drama The Practice. He won the 1999 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his role on the show. He went to SUNY New Paltz.

  4. Lou, Tom, “SUNY Alumni You Can See on the Screen”. We’re talkin’ actors and actresses here. Relax.

    1. And SUNY Oneonta’s Bill Pullman, who has done a kajillion movies. Probably best-known for his role as Lone Star in ‘Space Balls’ and President of the U.S. in ‘Independence Day’.

  5. TODAY’s Al Roker, ESPN’s Steve Levy and Linda Cohn, Star Trek’s Robin Curtis, WPIX Scott Stanford, Voice of the NBA Timberwolves David Benz, WROC’s John Kucko, The Weather Channel’s Tom Niziol…..ALL Oswego alums….many recent grads like Ben Amey, Katie Hamlin, Jeremy Donovan and Chris Horvatits are on the air across upstate NY…All products of Oswego’s School of Communication, Media and the Arts….

  6. Although not actors, Wolf Blitzer mentioned his great public education at UB on air last week and I’ve heard ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser mention his alma mater, Binghamton, while covering a SBU baseball game. Also, Stephanie Courtney (flow from the progressive commercials) graduated from Bing. Pretty big names.

  7. What about SUNY Geneseo grad, William Sadler? He’s been in a ton of stuff including playing the President in Iron Man 3.

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