Music Madness: Finals!

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    1. No way man, my cat sounded nothing like that while it was being microwaved. I even tried my neighbor’s cat and that one didn’t make any noise at all…it’s eyeballs just melted.

  1. Hello, Seattle- you guys rock! You guys don’t need a competition that lately has been motivated by dishonesty and pettiness to confirm your talent. Since hearing your video of Ghost in a Common Place, I’ve checked out the band, and you all should be proud of the music you make. Continue to be an honest, stand up band that is in the for the music- and you’ll pull it out tonight in the last round! Best of luck to ya’ll.. do big things!

    1. Hey, Angela. Just saying. This one comment makes the whole contest worth it. Much love <3 hit us up sometime on facebook or twitter, soon a tumblr (shh kind of on the DL!), we have a lot of show announcements coming up, too. Thank you so much for your support and for digging what we do, the music 🙂

  2. Analise and E.J. have done a great job in making it to the finals, despite just starting out, and they should be proud of themselves! They are not playing clubs, recording albums, etc. Yet. Considering the competition, and without a lot of outside support, they still made it! Bravo to them!

  3. I still remember when Hello, Seattle sent me their original version of ‘Leaving’. Only they deserve to win for all the hard work they’ve but into this and also for writing AMAZING, BRILLIANT and most importantly ORIGINAL songs. If you don’t have their debut album ‘Improper Greeting’ I suggest you go and buy it now!

    1. From the drummer of Somewhere Up There. Marisa is my girlfriend. Jean is my mother. Rocco, Jon, Stephanie are friends from home. The other few I’m not sure who they are personally. Hope this clears things up!

  4. AHHHHH Somewhere Up There needs to win! I listen to their music all the time, whether i’m in the car or at the gym… The End is such a great song 🙂

  5. Are you all deaf?! Hello Seattle’s entire song is recorded out of tune use your ears…. At least the other two bands have that going for them….

  6. Somewhere up there ..All the way!! “The End” is amazing ..and this is not the end for them..woohoo fellas!!

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