SUNY Mascots on hardwood background

SUNY Mascot Madness 2014 – Final Four

13 thoughts on “SUNY Mascot Madness 2014 – Final Four

  1. I’m happy for Binghamton (I know a lot of people who go there including my sister) but this really wasn’t a fair fight. Binghamton has about 18,000 undergraduates while Cortland only has about 6,000 undergraduates.

    1. I believe the reason they added the fb and twitter votes was due to unexplainable numbers of votes. I believe someone figured out how to hack the system in earlier rounds

  2. twitterbots….the reason why tweets and facebook posts shouldn’t count as bonus points…

    1. I agree with you, from the begining its been about vote for you favorite mascot…..not tweet about it p.s not everyone has a fb or twitter

    2. i agree! people are using twitterbots to “vote” and tweet over 1,000 times to get bonus points.

      1. If you read, the tweets and facebook shares only give you extra points when someone clicks the link and votes through it. Then you get 1 point for the vote AND 1 extra bonus point.

  3. Please note that the hashtag “TeamHugo” is also being used to help poet Hugo Williams who needs a kidney transplant. I hope this will not affect the numbers.

    1. Hashtags are used to display team pride; bonus points are added for interaction only, not hashtag frequency.

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