SUNY To Be Tobacco-Free By 2014

5 thoughts on “SUNY To Be Tobacco-Free By 2014

  1. Suny Alfred has designated smoke areas on campus, and I was there before the those designated smoke areas went into place as well. I honestly saw very little of a difference. Making campuses smoke free, although the thought is in the best interest, I see it as almost a waste on money. Put the money into better teachers, and other academic funds. Students will not follow the rule of no smoking on campus, or only smoking in designated areas. In order to get students to possibly follow such a rule is going to cost more money in enforcement (i.e. more on campus security). As a student who has graduated from the suny system I feel that I could have benifited more had some of my teachers been better equipt to give me the information I needed rather then the school have rules that cost more to enforce.

  2. Making them smoke free isn’t going to make students stop smoking. They’re instead going to try and hide it or go somewhere else to do it. If anything, i agree with the post above, make a smoking area for them so aren’t attempting to hide it anywhere on the campus.

  3. I know on the suny potsdam campus, their plan for going smoke free is to have designated smoking areas in the parking lot… which isn’t really going smoke free if you’re just going to move it to different parking lots around campus

  4. Is it tobacco-free or smoke-free?
    The difference is students being able to have tobacco in their rooms for use off campus or not. Will there be designated smoking areas for students/faculty?

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