STEM Free tuition at SUNY

Governor Cuomo: Free SUNY, CUNY Tuition to STEM Students in Top 10% of HS Class

8 thoughts on “Governor Cuomo: Free SUNY, CUNY Tuition to STEM Students in Top 10% of HS Class

  1. Interesting , non-citizen applicants are eligible as well, I think that is unfair to those who are legal here and have paid taxes for decades whose kids will not qualify for any of these programs because we decided to work hard in our lives and follow the rules that once were a principle and cornerstone in our civilization.

  2. I worked my butt of and graduated with a 4.0 gpa in a masters program. Along the way I was awarded about 5 merit scholarship from my college. With my lowest grade ever being an A , I feel someone should fund my doctorate in STEM. Anyone knows of any leads?

  3. No initiative will change the fact that STEM graduates are underpaid or jobless and forced to invest in higher education in order to achieve a job that in they might never obtain. So ehy to have more jobless graduates for the marker that does not express interest in acquiring more knowledge through STEM majors?

  4. If it weren’t for free tuition, I wouldn’t have been able to attend Queens College in 1957. I’m so happy to see that the 10% policy is being brought back again. My mother was unable to work because of a severe heart condition, and my father could no longer work in construction. He was able to get a job as a maintenance worker for the City because he was a WW2 vet. There are a lot of families still struggling and would love to see their children have opportunities they didn’t have. Mario expanded the State U system, and opened up opportunities for students statewide. On the day of his funeral, I wish to say a prayer of thanks to God for his service and a prayer of encouragement for Andrew to ‘carry on’.

  5. What about homeschool students. I assume there is no opportunity becasue they do not attend a public school. I come from a family of engineers (5). They are geared in that direction.

  6. what about 2013 graduates currently enrolled in STEM majors at a SUNY? Can they apply for the STEM Incentive program for they’re remaining 3 years?

  7. For me this is a double edged sword: Proud that the state of NY is finally rewarding students for high academic achievements, rather than minor status. BUT the people of NY should not have to shoulder the burden of free tuition, after all we already pay the highest taxes in the US.
    Ok Governor what happens when they graduate and can’t find a job in NY state? The state better extend the tax breaks given to the industries that come to NY state for 10 years and then they leave when the tax break ends, the kids will need jobs.

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