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Congratulations! Your campus finally looks like the brochure!

Oswego State - Johnson Hall at sunset in spring
When I visited SUNY Oswego as a prospective student, it was one of my first times heading out to Western New York. It was mid-October and I had to wake up especially early to make the nearly three-hour drive in order to arrive at the College by 9 a.m. for my tour of the beautiful campus. But what did not wake me up was coffee or donuts from the Tim Horton’s between exits 28 and 29; it was the snow!

As soon as we passed Utica, it began to snow. And snow. And snow some more. Needless to say, when we arrived at SUNY Oswego, the city was completely covered in snow. It was almost as if I was in my own world though, because every single person in Oswego functioned as if this happened every day. (Does it?)

According to all of our college brochures, SUNY campuses are filled with sun, lush green grass, and Frisbee-throwing scholars every day of the year. If you have spent seven consecutive days at any campus–whether it’s Stony Brook University on Long Island, SUNY Plattsburgh up near Canada, or Buffalo State College on the Western Tier–you are very well aware that clouds do occasionally roll in and the majority of the academic season is in the colder months.

We’ve compiled a few campus samples of seasonal comparisons to our brochures to express our empathy for the 468,000 SUNY students who were under the same impression as I was as a prospective student. But now that the nice spring weather is starting to settle in, remember to enjoy it!


SUNY Plattsburgh

U Buffalo


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    Written by Maxwell Morgan

    Maxwell was a Coordinator of Digital Engagement for The State University of New York.

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  • Joanne says:

    An guess what…….if you get on-line right now, more then likely the students at SUNY Potsdam are getting snow. An SUNY FMCC is getting freezing rain right and it’s April 12!

  • karen says:

    bwahaha great line!!! “According to all of our college brochures, SUNY campuses are filled with sun, lush green grass, and Frisbee-throwing scholars every day of the year.”

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