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The Undergraduates’ Bucket List (2013)

The Undergraduate's Bucket List - 2013

Was college everything you wanted or expected it to be?  My years at college flew by and it’s hard for me to believe that graduation is only a month away.  Samantha, Generation SUNY intern, asked if I accomplished everything I wanted to during college.  “Have you eaten enough ramen noodles to be considered a stereotypical college student or walked on the UAlbany podium so that the steps equate to seconds standing in a wind tunnel?”

To answer this question–what, really, should every undergraduate student at SUNY do while an undergrad–we set out to compile a list of “must-do’s”.  The list topics are pretty open-ended so that each may be accomplished during any semester at college.  Do you agree with what we have?  Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the comments!

So, for all those who are graduating this year and those who see it approaching in the coming years… we present The Undergraduates’ Bucket List!


Get an Internship

It not only gives you valuable experiential education, but according to a study by The National Association of Colleges and Employers, more than half of students with paid internships got job offers in 2012.  Compared with data collected of students who received job offers without internship experience, a student is twice as likely to land employment post-graduation with a paid internship and still more likely with an unpaid internship.

It’s never too late to search out internships!  Some start times float throughout the year, but most are seasonal and start in the spring, summer, or fall.  Each campus’ career services office is the best point of contact to start your search; do not be afraid to look online, either! (Just make sure it’s a reputable site, usually not third-party.)

Take a cool class

What’s your school well-known for?  Wrap up your undergraduate college experience by taking an exciting class led by a world-class instructor.  Not only is it eye-opening, but can be fun.  To expedite your search, we’ve put together some Unusual Courses for the Last-Minute Registrant!

Study abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences in a college student’s career.  Getting to know another culture, living in a new environment, learning a new language, meeting people: all these add up to a kind of education different from what one acquires on campus.  Equally important for American students is the discovery of their own country – its customs, its traditions and values – as they come to see it from a foreign vantage point.  No wonder that so many returnees from overseas study say that the experience changed their lives!  For study abroad information, check with your campus’ study abroad office or click here to explore SUNY International Programs.

Visit friends at other colleges

One of the undeniable reasons students go to college is for the diverse peer experience.  To add to its value, be sure to visit some old high school friends at their college.  You will be able to make new friends, explore different campuses, and network.  Of course, if you decide that your old track teammate’s college might be a better fit for you, then you can take advantage of SUNY’s Seamless or Reverse Transfer Program.

Express school pride

This might be your last chance to really be a part of a “cheer squad”–your accounting office won’t have a football team, nor will your roommate’s advertising firm.  So, take advantage of the opportunity to support your campus athletics!  We saw thousands of students do so during Mascot Madness when SUNY New Paltz‘s Hugo the Hawk edged out Stony Brook University‘s Wolfie Seawolf.  This spring, take to the lacrosse, track, baseball and softball fields to support your school’s student-athletes!

What’s on your college bucket list?  Let us know in the comments!


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