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JCC’s Extreme Logo Makeover

Jamestown Community College logo changes to what?When Jamestown Community College decided to announce the redesign of its logo, they wanted to do something that went beyond the standard approach. Sure, there would be a press release, and a big event to unveil the new design. But how many students read press releases? How could they let students know about the new logo? More importantly, how could they get them to care, to get excited about the new logo?

JCC decided to create a 3-part video series that would appear in the weeks leading up to the unveiling. In it, the Jayhawk and the Jaguar, the college’s two mascots, would be given the task of coming up with the new logo design. But as any good artist knows, one cannot simply sit down and design something at the drop of a hat. It requires inspiration. The right muse has to speak to you at the right time. So the Jayhawk and the Jaguar set out to experience life at JCC. They needed to experience what JCC was and what it had to offer. They had to understand the college completely. Then, and only then, could they come up with a new college logo.

The epic trilogy is now complete, and you can view the series in its entirety. Many thanks to the students, staff, and faculty members who assisted us in its production.

Visit Jamestown Community College’s YouTube channel to view the complete Extreme Logo Makeover!

JCC logo makeover episode 1: The Assignment
JCC logo makeover episode 2: Academic Inspiration
JCC logo makeover episode 3: The Big Reveal
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