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Alfred State Drives to 88 MPG, is Featured on AOL Translogic

Alfred State's Kent Johnson on AOL Translogic

Sustainability is quickly emerging as one of the defining challenges of the 21st century in areas such as renewable energy, green building, sustainable agriculture, and hybrid and electric vehicles. That being said, it comes as no surprise that SUNY’s extensive commitment to sustainability is highlighted through Alfred State College’s participation in the “Green Grand Prix” — and subsequently showcased on the popular AOL blog Translogic.

Alfred State’s Automotive Trades Associate Professor and Chair Kent Johnson takes a ride in the Honda Insight with Bradley Hasemeyer of Translogic and shows viewers how his experienced automotive technology students created an 88 MPG car. Click past the jump to watch!

The students will take what they have learned in Johnson’s class to the field — where they will be designing, operating, or technically assisting the transportation of tomorrow. And no matter where that endeavor takes them, we can be sure that their work will continue to impact New York!

View the Translogic video at

Click to Play video of Alfred State at AOL Translogic


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