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10 Must-Have Apps for the Fall Semester

Hand using a smartphone with SUNY logo and 10 Essential Fall Semester Apps for 2013

As we head back to school this fall, there are some necessities to have! For commuters, this includes a solid lunchbox and loaded gas card. For campus residents, we need to freshen our hampers and load up on ramen noodles. But this coming semester, let’s all make sure we have something else: APPS. Whether you rely on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, let’s increase our productivity and strengthen our social bonds by checking out these ten must-have (FREE!) apps for the fall semester, as compiled by student part-time interns/full-time millennials Samantha and I.

Check out our rundown after the jump!  And if you think we left any good ones out, let us know in the comments.

LinkedIn1. LinkedIn   The value of a positive professional relationship is no secret. While we spend our time in college, it’s an awesome idea to become formally connected with project partners, mentors, and professors through professional social media networks like LinkedIn.
Windows | Android | iOS

iTunesU2. iTunes U   Even though it’s not available on all devices, the iTunes U app has an enormous number of lectures from universities throughout the world for free. It’s very interesting to “sit in” on classes taught by different instructors and hear different students contribute to discussion.
Web | iOS

DropBox3. Dropbox   When a classmate introduced DropBox to me a couple semesters ago, I was a part of the most efficient group project ever. I now have my account logged in on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop to seamlessly sync my documents, photos, and music.
Windows | Android | iOS

Evernote4. Evernote   This app is like Dropbox… for notes. You can type class notes on an iPad and they automatically syncronize on your computer and phone. This makes it super easy to study on a phone when stuck on the bus commuting or in a long line at the dining hall.
Windows | Android | iOS

Blackboard5. Blackboard   If you are a SUNY student, you’re probably already using this app. Not because its reviews are incredible (they aren’t), but strictly due to its functionality. Blackboard allows you to look at assignments, turn in projects, and talk with your peers and instructors.
Android | iOS

TED6. TED   The talks have grown into a global movement based on inspiration, willpower, and the data to support those motivations. Through the rigor of college life, listening to an uplifting or eye-opening TED talk helps to mentally recharge and focus.
Windows | Android | iOS

Mint7. Mint   No matter which way you look at it, college is an investment in the purest terms. Mint is a budgeting app that lets you track your income and expenses so that you can best save and spend.  It also identifies spending habits that may help or hurt your overall goal!
Android | iOS

WolframAlpha8. WolframAlpha   This is a computational knowledge engine that answers questions posed in a precise way. It can calculate physics and other inquiries from existing data stored on the web. Hard science majors will enjoy this. Soft science majors may find it infuriating.
Windows | Android | iOS

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary9. Merriam-Webster Dictionary   Have you ever felt a curglaff, while lunting along? No? Well, you might have experienced what those 19th Century words describe, but since they have gone out of style, you should look them up in the dictionary app!
Android | iOS

Fitocracy10. Fitocracy    You work out your brain all day at college? Studies show that exercise makes a person more alert and focused, not to mention the dopamines that are released. Fitocracy makes working out into a game, with levels, challenges, and points for exercising.
Android | iOS


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Written by Will Donovan

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There are 4 comments

  • App for students would be VirtualDeck Flashcards…and it’s free! 😉

  • heavycoder says:

    A great study app for students would be VirtualDeck Flashcards…and it’s free!

  • Lauren Douglas says:

    Another good app is Timetable(Android) and I haven’t used this one but Class Timetable for iOS. You can put your schedule on it and on the android app you can put exam dates and homework too.

  • Those aren’t just for students.

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