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An Eerie Exploration of New York’s Hidden Stories

An Eerie Exploration of New York’s Hidden Stories

What comes to your mind when you think about Halloween? Perhaps costumes, candy, pumpkins, and squash? What about ghosts, goblins, and ghouls!?

In the spirit of Halloween, we have compiled bizarre, creepy, and just plain weird facts about different locations and alleged mysteries around New York. Some are completely outrageous while others are a little quirky — but all show the deep character and diversity that is New York State. And if you notice that I left any out of this list, please share in the comments or connect with SUNY on Facebook and Twitter!

And because at least one of SUNY’s 64 campuses are within 30 miles of nearly every single New Yorker, we present to you… an eerie exploration of New York’s hidden stories!

New York City & Long Island

Lincoln Tunnel Vortex: Internet conspiracy theorists have claimed that the Lincoln Tunnel which connects Manhattan and New Jersey, was the site of a mysterious incident that government authorities covered up. A couple stopped in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel to remove snow from their windshield. The couple disappeared without a trace. Their car remained behind, but its two passengers were never seen or heard from again. The mystery remains unsolved.

Grand Central Station “Whispering Gallery”: Grand Central Station is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the state. However, outside the station’s Oyster Bar if two people stand facing pillars that are diagonally apart from each other, even the softest whisper into the wall will travel down the tiles of the room and can be heard by the person on the receiving end.

The Lady of Lake Ronkonkoma: According to a legend, Lake Ronkonkoma is cursed. Allegedly, Ronkonkoma was the name of an Indian princess whose love affair with a white settler went awry and led to their suicides. According to Weird New York, she was angered because she wasn’t allowed to love in life and now drags one man into the lake each year. People say that at least one person has drowned each year in Lake Ronkonkoma for the past 200 years, the majority of them being male. Many others have reported being drawn by some unseen force out to the center of the lake, as if something was trying to drag them in.

Upstate New York

Troy’s Pinewoods Cemetery: Known as one of the most haunted cemeteries in America,  the spirits in Troy’s Pinewoods Cemetery are known to be very angry, and they seem to be in some state of purgatory. The cemetery has been profiled on Unsolved Mysteries and Life Magazine.

Bannerman Island: Bannerman castle is an ancient Medieval castle located in Beacon, New York. The castle was built in the years from 1901 to 1908 to warehouse the weapons of Francis Bannerman VI, an arms dealer, who had an entire estate on the island. At the time, local Indian tribes believed that the island was haunted, so the land became a safe haven for Dutch settlers looking to seek refuge from the “hostile” natives.

Pine Bush: Pine Bush is regarded as the UFO capital of the east coast. Pine Bush locals have personal stories of alien sightings, abductions and encounters in addition to strange occurrences like ghosts and “ghost lights”.

The Bloody Bride of 13 Curves Road: After a newly married couple supposedly died after coming around the thirteen curves of Cedarvale Road in Onondaga County, drivers who drive along the 13 curves encounter the bloody bride who mysteriously vanishes once sighted.

Beardslee Castle: The oldest stories concerning ghosts at Beardslee involves a group of Indians. During after hours, employees have heard voices and footsteps, seen lights and shadows moving about. A strange scream sometimes disrupts peoples’ meals, and a number of ghosts are periodically seen in the building.

Oriskany Falls: A common legend at Colgate University says that the nearby town of Oriskany Falls is home to a secret cult whose members engage in incest.

Goodleburg Cemetery: As one of the most haunted places in America, Goodleburg Cemetery, located in Wales, New York, is said to involve a low hanging fog that follows visitors around as they explore the grounds. Ghosts of a former doctor who once lived there and the patients he killed are reportedly seen as well.

Gurnsey Hollow: Located just outside of Frewsburg, NY, Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery is known for its abundance of paranormal activity. Many young children have been buried there and people have seen ghosts, while others say that their cars shut off when approaching Gurnsey Hollow.

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Written by Shaniese Alston

Shaniese Alston was a student assistant in the Office of New Media of the State University of New York for the fall 2013 academic semester while a student at the University at Albany.

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