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How to ship a 17-ton magnet from Long Island to Illinois

How to ship a 17-ton magnet from Long Island to Illinois

Brookhaven National Laboratory magnet shipping Popular SciencePopular Science  Physicists at a lab in Illinois needed a superconducting magnet to study muons, fleeting subatomic particles. The answer lay with a used magnet at Stony Brook University partner Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island. If Fermi scientists could move it, they could have it. The magnet, however, couldn’t be dismantled. And it had to be shipped with the utmost care because a twist of even a couple of millimeters could irreparably damage its internal wiring.

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    • Misa says:

      omg, 17 tons!!! unimaginable! but what are the uses of such huge magnet?

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