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10 Must-Have Apps for the Spring Semester


We’re back to bring you even more awesome mobile apps that will help boost your productivity this semester! With classes, tons of assignments and exams, campus activities, and a social life to maintain, it’s easy for all of your responsibilities to become overwhelming. But having access to your smartphone or tablet can help you balance all that you have to do and keep you connected to the things that matter the most to you. Whether you need a better way to manage your class notes, reminders to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or great music to keep your day moving, this list of FREE apps will guide you to the holy grail of organization and productivity this Spring.

Check out our list of must-have apps! And if you think we left out any good ones, let us know in the comments.


twitter icon1. Twitter   No lie. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you should seriously consider doing so. Not only is it fun (friends), but you can keep up with current events (news) and leverage it to advance your career (a job). Signing up is easy, but be aware: your first tweet is hard.
Windows | Android | iOS


Dots2. Dots   Have some spare time between classes or taking a ten-minute break from studying? Dots is a perfect app to keep you sharp while letting you relax.  The bonus with this app is that science suggests it may be more than just a game–must I say, a form of exercise!
Windows | Android | iOS


Venmo3. Venmo   It’s happened to all of us: You’re at dinner with friends, can’t split the bill for some reason (yes, even though it’s 2014 and we’re sent men to the Moon), and end up owing your friends money. But who has cash to pay them back (remember, it’s 2014)? Venmo seamlessly transfers money to your friends’ bank account. For free.
Android | iOS


quizup icon4. QuizUp   Few minutes to kill and Dots isn’t doing it for ya? QuizUp automatically pits you against other users around the world to face off in a lightning round of questions of any particular, wide-ranging topic. For each win, you gain expertise points and improve your profile. Super engaging.
Android | iOS


WaterIn5. WaterIn   How much water do you drink through the course of one day? Record when you gulp a glass of the clear stuff down and the app learns your habits. Then, if you forget one day, it’ll remind you.  Simple, effective, and healthy!
Android | iOS


spotify icon6. Spotify  Take the power of the desktop version of the music player with you on your phone or tablet! And what’s even better: Spotify will personally recommend new music for you to discover! I swear by this app… I’m even using it right now as I write this blog post!
Android | iOS


Benchprep7. BenchPrep Whether you’re researching your options for post-graduation or you’re thick in the mix of applying to graduate schools, you’ll most likely face the daunting task of preparing for standardized tests. BenchPrep is an app that will easily allow you to take your test prep with you wherever you go! If you’re preparing for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, or any of the 50+ tests that BenchPrep offers, this app will change the way you prepare with its interactive courses.
Android | iOS


easybib-logo8. Easy Bib  So it’s 11:37 pm and your 15-page term paper is due by midnight. You’re just about to finish up the assignment, but you haven’t formatted your bibliography page yet! Don’t fret; EasyBib to the rescue! Just scan the bar code of any of the books you’ve referenced and the app will generate the MLA, APA, or Chicago style you need. You’ve made the deadline!
Android | iOS


9. Google Translate   A super easy and fast way to find foreign words you may have lost in your vocabulary. This app will translate words, phrases, and sentences and give you an audio pronunciation! But what’s even cooler: you can directly hand write and speak into the app to get a translation!
Android | iOS


amazon-student-app-icon-20010. Amazon Student    This app will help you buy and sell textbooks easier than ever. Just search for a book or scan its bar code and instantly price-check your books to find the lowest price to purchase. You can also sell your used textbooks, games, movies and electronics with the app and trade your items in for gift cards. Plus, as a bonus, the Amazon Student program offers students free 2-day shipping for six months with Amazon Prime!
Android | iOS


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    Written by Lesley Adewunmi

    Lesley is a former graduate student assistant in the Office of New Media of the State University of New York. She earned a Master's in Public Administration at the University at Albany's Rockefeller College in Albany, NY in spring 2014.

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  • Apk John says:

    Great collection of apps for spring semester.

  • Great stuff
    But the app list above is incomplete..Whatsapp is the main app for me

  • Ningsih says:

    Spotify is my favorite app now

  • I love Google Translator. This is the best.

  • Betikom says:

    Woah thanks this useful.

    But i think Bing translate is better than Google translate.

  • NyimakCuy says:

    hmmm this tips really nice

  • I had never heard of Amazon student before I read this post. That’s at least one resource I’m sure i’ll start using.

  • MOD APK says:

    I think also that Whats App is missing. But i think Threma ist also a very good App. but, niche share 🙂

  • Kak dolop says:

    After visiting this website, a lot of knowledge that I can get with highly qualified article of course. Thanks admin.

  • Veera A says:

    It is a good list and very informative for us.I saw many 2015 Android apps which was very informative and i like that apps.I think you should add more.
    By the way thanks

  • It is a good list but you should add apps like “Evernote”, “WhatsApp”, some exam tracking app, “DropBox” etc.

  • great stuff.. but missing app

  • Smartphone says:

    I think also that Whats App is missing. But i think Threma ist also a very good App.

  • I had never heard of Amazon student before I read this post. That’s at least one resource I’m sure i’ll start using.
    If you’re looking for more websites/apps to add to your list you should check out It’s like easy bib but for the entire paper.

  • Cristina says:

    Great stuff
    But you are right Vishal.M.Whats app is missing .It,s main app.

  • Vishal.M says:

    I think the list is incomplete……….because it misses the main apps whatsapp and facebook

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