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How You Should Dress For Your First Job Interview

How to dress for first interview

There are plenty of things that’ll keep you preoccupied when preparing for a job interview: Dutifully studying up on the company you’re interviewing with; getting your resume ready and printed out; preparing quality questions to ask your interviewer; planning your commute for getting to the interview early; and practicing for those tricky open-ended interview questions.

But figuring out what you should wear to your interview is an important step, too. It gives a first impression to the employer and sets the tone of the interview.

Recently, Bob Shannon, a Diagnostics Team Leader at General Electric, spoke with a Professional Sales class at Genesee Community College and gave students pointers on how to look and act in professional settings and for job interviews. We hope that the tips below will help you make your best impression on the day of your very first interview!


When Men Should Wear to an interview


GROOMING: Your hair should be cut quite short, and you should be clean shaven, or have neatly trimmed facial hair.
ACCESSORIES: There should be little to no jewelry, no cologne, and all tattoos should be completely covered.
ATTIRE: Business Professional attire includes a three piece suit, cuff links, a tie clip and polished dress shoes.
Business Casual attire includes dress pants, a button up shirt with matching tie, sport coat, and dress shoes. (Polo t-shirts and slacks are off-limits for interviews.)


What women should wear to an interview


GROOMING: Your hair should be pulled back hair if it’s long, or neatly styled if short; either way it should be out of your face.
ACCESSORIES: When it comes to jewelry and perfume, less is more! (They shouldn’t smell you before they see you.) All tattoos should be covered, as well. Handbags should be professional and non-distracting.
ATTIRE:Business Professional attire includesa suit with closed-toe shoes. Hem lines should be no shorter than the knee and necklines should cover the chest. Wearing clothes that are too revealing can make potential customers or employers perceive you in the wrong way.
Business Casual attire includes a non-revealing blouse, dress pants, and closed toe shoes. No jeans, sneakers, flip-flops, or plunging necklines!

For scoring big on an interview, keep in mind Mr. Shannon’s Three A’s: Proper Aesthetics, Proper Attire, and Proper Attitude.  Best of luck!


This post is based on a Genesee Community College blog entry authored by fashion design undergraduate student Amber Coan. Cover photo: Fashion Institute of Technology ©Jerry Speier. Icons:

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  • Victoria says:

    Most of the things laid out here are correct. But there are cases when you might find yourself looking kind of “too professional”. It really depends on the organizational culture and their dress code. Although it’s definitely worth looking better than worst, but the best case is to look appropriate, just to hit the target.

    So if you’re unsure, do some sneaking and digging and try to find out, what’s the dress code in the organization. For example, even moderate dark jeans can fit perfectly sometimes, it really comes down to where you’re going to. Regarding jeans, check this for example: – article discusses different cases related to jeans in a working attire. So it is not always just black or white…

  • Great tips for both genders! Making a good first impression with the way you groom yourself and dress is so important; you only get one chance!

  • olshop dress says:

    Those are good tips to be done, the hardest things will be about the perfume which almost every perfume nowadays make a strong fragrance.

  • Hope all should follow.

  • Try to be a Unique person in interview that will attract viewers more.

  • Article about interview was really useful. Thanks

  • You have sharing useful tips for interview.

  • Vintage Hats says:

    Interview session was important in each and every person’s life.

  • Should be simple and perfect.

  • While reading this article I think over my first interview.

  • Should wear colors which suits you and be simple.

  • If you want to impress the person who taken interview, shows your identity simple and clearly.

  • First impression in the best impression. so wear neat and simple.

  • You’ll want that first impression to be not just a good one, but, a great one.

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