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How To Get Back Into The School Routine After Break

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After over a month of eating, sleeping, and working that seasonal job; it is now time to begin a new semester! Since it’s been a while, it might take you some time to get back into swing of things. Schedules will be different, sleep cycles changing, and more. Here are some ways you can once again jump back into the school routine for a smooth transition back to campus life.

Print out your class schedule

Being organized is a major step to getting back on track. By printing out your new class schedule and putting it somewhere you can see it, you’ll be able to constantly to know where and when your class is. Be sure to also have your schedule stored on your smartphone somewhere. You can even use a calendar or study app and set reminders so you don’t forget that 3pm class after a long lunch break.

Start to look over your syllabus before classes start

Reading your syllabus for each class is really important before starting. This will help you be aware of what’s going without being lost when you get to class. You can make preparations for quizzes and projects based on the planned learning schedule and be better prepared to pass the class with flying colors.

Set alarms

After being at home for so long you might have forgotten what an alarm is. Setting your alarm will help you wake up for those early morning classes and also get you back to waking up early again.



Go to sleep earlier

Sometimes having almost no obligations can result in going to sleep late. This is one thing some college students tend do no matter what month it is. Having a good rest before the next day of class(es) is very important to maintaining focus throughout the day. It can also keep you healthy!

Try to get ahead of your work

There’s nothing better than to have already completed a reading assignment before the due date. Reading an assigned text or completing a homework assignment much before the due date can prevent cramming and having to complete multiple assignments at once. It will also give you the time needed to better study for mid-terms and final exams.

Buy your school supplies/books early

If you purchase yours books, pens, post-its, and other college essentials sooner rather than later, you’ll save yourself the stress when it comes time that those items will be needed. Purchasing textbooks early will not only reduce your stress because you know you already have it, but it will also grant you the opportunity to get ahead of your work.


What are some ways you’re getting back into the school routine? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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    Written by Steven Molinari

    Steven was a student assistant in the Office of Communications of the State University of New York in summer 2014. He is an undergraduate political science student at Binghamton University.



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