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Many SUNY Alumni Act as Voices for New Yorkers in State Government

New York State assembly chamber

SUNY alumni branch out into an array of different career paths and leave their mark every step of the way. With the foundation that SUNY provides, nothing is out of reach as long as one is fully committed to making it a reality! This is especially true when alumni make their way into governmental positions and dedicate their careers to fighting for what they believe in. They do this not only for themselves but also the thousands of people who they are representing and acting as a voice for.

Recently, Stony Brook alum Carl Heastie was named as the Speaker of the Assembly, the first time an African-American (and SUNY graduate!) has held that position. The Speaker of the Assembly is one of the highest positions in New York State government, serving as the leader of the Assembly and controlling the flow of legislation and committees.

There are many more SUNY graduates who represent the people of New York as well. In fact, since 2005, there have been 93 SUNY Alumni who have served in New York State government, with 56 of those holding seats in the current assembly and senate. These members are all continually striving to create a better New York (and SUNY) that we all can invest in. As elected officials, our state representatives all have websites that provide us information on their activities and ways to contact them to voice any concerns or support we have toward their positions.

Take a look at the current list of SUNY Alumni who serve in New York State Government and the districts they represent.


Senator Philip Boyle (4th SD) Albany-MPA (1986)
Senator David Carlucci (38th SD) Rockland CC – AS (2000) Cornell ILR-BS (2002)
Senator Hugh Farley (49th SD) Mohawk Valley CC-AAS (1953) Albany-BS (1958)
Senator Patrick Gallivan (59th SD) Albany-MA (1992)
Senator Joseph Griffo (47th SD) Brockport-BA (1978)
Senator Kenneth LaValle (1st SD) New Paltz-MA (1964)
Senator Thomas Libous (52nd SD) Broome CC-AAS (1973) SUNYIT-BPS (1975)
Senator Terrence Murphy (40th SD) Westchester CC- AS (1988)
Senator Michael Nozzolio (54th SD) Cornell ILR-BS (1973) Cornell Agriculture-MS (1977)
Senator Marc Panepinto (60th SD) UBuffalo-BA/JD (1989/97)
Senator Michael Ranzenhofer (61st SD) Albany-BA (1976) UB-JD (1979)
Senator Patricia Ritchie (48th SD) Potsdam-BA (1991)
Senator Joseph Robach (56th SD) Brockport-BS/MPA (1980/82)
Senator David Valesky (53rd SD) Potsdam – BA (1988)



Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte (42nd AD) Buffalo State-BS/BTech (1995) UBuffalo-BS (1996)
Assemblyman Kenneth Blankenbush (117th AD) Plattsburgh-BA (1973)
Assemblyman Edward Braunstein (26th AD) Albany-BS (2003)
Assemblyman Harry Bronson (138th AD) Oswego-BA (1982) UBuffalo-JD (1986)
Assemblyman Marc Butler (118th AD) Potsdam-BA (1974)
Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (103rd AD) New Paltz-BA (1977)
Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (144th AD) Albany-BA (1985)
Assemblyman Clifford Crouch (122nd AD) Cornell Agriculture-BS (1965)
Assemblyman Steve Englebright (4th AD) Stony Brook-MS (1975)
Assemblyman Gary Finch (126th AD) Empire State-BS (1990)
Assemblyman Christopher Friend (124th AD) UBuffalo-MA/Ph.D. (2000/04)
Assemblyman Joe Giglio (148th AD) Buffalo State-BS (1976)
Assemblyman Al Graf (5th AD) Plattsburgh-BS (1998)
Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (100th AD) Orange CC-AA (1975)
Assemblyman Carl Heastie (83rd AD) Stony Brook-BS (1990)
Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre (11th AD) Stony Brook–MA (2007)
Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner (77th AD) Stony Brook-BA (2008) UB-JD (2012)
Assemblyman Steve Katz (94th AD) Cornell Agriculture-BS (1976)
Assemblyman Mickey Kearns (142nd AD) Erie CC-AAS (1994)
Assemblyman Brian Kolb (131st AD) Finger Lakes CC-AA (1976)
Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (125th AD) Geneseo-BA/MA (1973/85)
Assemblyman Peter Lopez (102nd AD) Cobleskill-AS (1981) Albany-BA/MPA (1983/88)
Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (123rd AD) Binghamton-MA (1983)
Assemblyman Bill Magee (121st AD) Cornell Agriculture-BS (1961)
Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer (90th AD) UBuffalo-JD (1979)
Assemblyman Michael Montesano (15th AD) Nassau CC-AS (1983)
Assemblyman Joseph Morelle (136th AD) Geneseo-BA (1979)
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (88th AD) Albany-BA/MA (1977/78)
Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes (141st AD) Buffalo State-BS/MS (1974/02)
Assemblyman Victor Pichardo (86th AD) UBuffalo-BA (2007)
Assemblyman Dan Quart (73rd AD) Binghamton-BA (1994)
Assemblyman Andrew Raia (12th AD) New Paltz-BA (1991)
Assemblyman Sam Roberts (128th AD) Onondaga CC-AS (2001) Empire State-BS (2012)
Assemblywoman Addie Russell (116th AD) Albany-BA (2000)
Assemblyman Sean Ryan (149th AD) Fredonia-BA (1987)
Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (111th AD) Albany-BS (2001)
Assemblyman Frank Skartados (104th AD) New Paltz-BA (1985)
Assemblywoman Michele Titus (31st AD) Binghamton-BA (1990)
Assemblywoman Latrice Monique Walker (55th AD) Purchase-BA (2001)
Assemblyman Raymond Walter (146th AD) Geneseo-BA (1994) UBuffalo-JD (2007)
Assemblyman David Weprin (24th AD) Albany-BA (1976)
Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski (96th AD) Albany-BA (2001)

Atiba Archibald

Written by Atiba Archibald

Atiba was an intern with SUNY's Office of New Media, who became a University at Albany graduate in English with a minor in Communications.

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