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These Latest Fashion Trends Will Keep You Looking Stylish This Winter

People walking a curved street in a park in winter.

Do you consider yourself fashion forward? Do you find yourself turning sidewalks and office hallways into make-shift runways? Or does the word “fashion” make you want to run for the hills screaming? There are so many articles of clothing to choose from – dresses, pants, sweaters, coats, shoes, handbags, accessories, and the list could go on – that trying to put together a fashionable outfit can sometimes feel like a chore. And the coming winter season full of cold chills and wet snow don’t make these decisions any easier. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Thankfully, there are many SUNY experts on hand at the Fashion Institute of Technology that can help us stay in tune with the latest trends and styles. Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with the Director of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Dr. Valerie Steele, who shared the top-ten fashion trends for the Fall/Winter 2017 seasons with us, some of which are featured in FIT’s current exhibit, Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme.

1) Reds and Pinks
If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with colors that pop, look for red and pink garments. You can go bold and rock a red pantsuit, or go for a more subtle approach with red or pink accessories. Don’t overdo it though – you don’t want to look like a walking talking Valentine’s card!

2) Floral Prints
Look for prints that are different than the classic pastel spring and summer florals. Right now, the trend for this sort of print is rich and saturated florals. Even better, you can bring joy to those around you who are missing their favorite flowers during the colder months.

3) Plaids and Checks
These two classics are here to stay for another fall/winter season. Stock up on flannels, scarves, dress pants, and whatever else you can find that features our fall-favorite patterns.

Female models in various plaid check outfits

4) Metallics
All sorts of metallics are in right now –  gold, bronze, silver, etc. – but the front-runner right now is silver. Obviously, you want to avoid channeling the Tin Man, but there are plenty of couture items to add to your closet to keep up with this trend

A mannequin in a silver metallic dress.

Paco Rabanne, wedding dress, circa 1968, France. Gift of Montgomery Ward. 81.48.2 – The Museum at FIT

5) Trench Coats
Yet another classic to grace our list. There are so many different styles and fits of trench coats these days that you’re sure to find one you’ll like, and you can count on them still being in style for years to come!

6) Shearling/Sheepskin Coats
If you live in New York, you know that winters can get pretty cold. Keep yourself warm and fashionable by adding a shearling/sheepskin coat. FYI: there are also fake lamb wool options should you want to keep your wardrobe animal-friendly.

7) Puffer Coats
Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme features a number of puffer coats. The style was made popular by Tommy Hilfiger and the hip-hop stars that donned them in the 90s, and they’ve stuck around ever since.

A mannequin in a red puffer coat.

Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garçons, ensemble, fall/winter 2004, Japan – The Museum at FIT

8) Cowboy Boots
An outfit isn’t complete if you don’t have the right footwear! Even if you’re not a cowboy, you can still rock some cowboy boots on your feet to put your best fashionable foot forward.

9) Combat Boots
There are so many options for the colors and styles of combat boots these days that we’ll leave the choice up to you! Pro tip from Valerie: pair combat boots with a floral dress (remember, fall/winter floral patterns!) to add a punky flair to your outfit.

10) Big Hand Bags
We’re not sure if this means handbags are the new backpacks, but if you need more space to carry your must-have items with you on your daily travels, you’re in luck!

A model on the runway with an oversize white hand bag with black trim.

If you’re in the mood for even more fashion inspiration, head on over to the Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme page. FIT’s current exhibit started in September and will run until January, 6, 2018. The exhibit examines fashion inspired by extreme expeditions – to the North and South poles, the highest mountain peaks, the depths of the oceans, and outer space – and how these endeavors influence fashion. Even cooler, Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme is the first major exhibition to examine this subject.

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Written by Julie Maio

Julie is the assistant director for student mental health and wellness for SUNY System Administration.

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  • Zoonibo says:

    Great list! Maybe you could get Dr. Valerie Steele’s updated list for winter 18/19?

  • A perfect list of winter fashion collection. Sheepskin Coats and combat boots are my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jon says:

    I also agree with Vikas. Very impressive trends and you have described it very briefly. Well Done.

  • Sportswear says:

    Thanks Miss Julie Maio for your wonderful article about fashion and style. It gives us more style ideas for day to day life inspires too.

  • We deliver a separate mode when facing winter, we will always appear trendy in the face of winter. Because Snow does not have to hinder me in style.

  • Shah says:

    The article ‘These Latest Fashion Trends Will Keep You Looking Stylish This Winter’ is a nice discussion about fashion.

    I like it, and thanks for sharing

  • We love Winter fashion. Thanks for sharing these latest fashion trends. Basically Fashion & Style is all about ” how you carry it”.

  • A good fashion guide for approaching winters. Stay warm!

    • Miranda says:

      if this means handbags are the new backpacks, but if you need more space to carry your must-have items with you on your daily travels

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