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10 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

  1. Internet made our way of communication so easy but there too many risks to go online be aware about the dark side of the internet everyone can be safe thanks for these kinda articles they really teach us the effective ways to be safe. I just wanna say your one wrong step on internet can make a big difference be safe while you are browsing

  2. “… Have a Strong Password …” While this seems obvious, it is useless once server security at the point of access is breached. Each year probably billions of passwords are stolen worldwide. We only hear about the most spectacular cases involving e.g. banks or governments etc. However: this need not happen at all. The problem is that for reasons best known to the sloven providers, they store the original passwords instead of a mathematically calculated hash. If only the hash were stored and then compared tom the re-calculated hash off the password at the time of access/identification, NOT ONE such breach would occur worldwide! The hash cannot be retranslated back into the original password so that unless the password is intercepted (which should not happen if SSL/https were implemented correctly) or the user is careless there is no way a password can be compromised again.

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