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7 Tips to Help You Study For (and Pass) Your Finals

4 thoughts on “7 Tips to Help You Study For (and Pass) Your Finals

  1. A very useful article for all students. I just want to add that one of the most important things when studying for a test is to not lose focus. Studies show that the cleaner your room is the more focused and productive you are. Before you sit down with your books spend some time tidying up the place and remove everything that might distract you.

    1. On-campus gives you an advantage of staying closest to the lecture halls. Due to a huge number of applicants, the number of beds is limited. Not only you get confirmation of bed allocation very late but generally, it’s a random allocation of the living space irrespective of one’s preference.

      It can be notoriously expensive but it doesn’t mean all off-campus are cheaper. You need to explore the options and talk to the accommodation experts to get the desired location with all modern amenities at reasonable budget and offers.
      Well i think its a good decision for students….

  2. These tips are great. However, I would like to point out, not all of us are teenagers anymore. There are more and more adults- with families, going back to school. We think we have a scheduled time to study, but something comes up. It may be a sick child, have to work late, or a child with disabilities having a bad day. Scheduled times just don’t happen! Life does.
    For these Parents, I recommend You have a support system when things get stressful. Open Your books or notes to what You want study, have all supplies at hand( note cards, pencils/ pens, etc.) and look over things. Then make a phone call to a BF, Mom/Dad, etc. Destress! Then go study! Repeat if necessary with same or different person. Also, animals are Great! Take the dog for a fifteen minute walk, pet the cat, or play Apples to Apples with the family for a good laugh! Good Luck to All of You!!! Smile, You Can Do It!!!! 😀

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