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Mascot Madness 2015: Round 1

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  1. The idea to add the additional step of confirming the vote was probably thought to be a good idea to improve integrity, but I believe that it will only take away from the competition and point of this contest. I saw this contest as a way to ask college students to quickly vote for their school in order to increase school spirit across school campuses and visibility for the conferences involved. This extra step is asking a lot of busy college students. It will discourage many students as complexity is never a good thing and finding an additional email from “pollDaddy” is an additional step that will deter many students. I wish this wasn’t the case, but asking people to vote and increasing school spirit is no longer just simply pushing a button to vote on their smart phone and feeling instant gratification and pride in their school, instead it has gotten complex enough to deter atleast some students and I predict it will take away from the contest.

    Additionally, the brackets are being read completely wrong. They were created showing play-in games for some teams or byes for the higher seeded teams. Instead, they just got all lumped in together and now 3 teams are competing against each other.. that isn’t how a bracket works!

    Don’t mean to sound negative, I absolutely love this contest and want to give feedback so that it can turn itself around and get better!!

    1. I edited this comment and would like the second comment posted (Not this one) I had to dig through my spam folder to find the polldaddy email and wanted to inlcude that

    2. Yeah, that four or five seconds it takes to click a link will break their back! OMG!!!!

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